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Offers & Resources

Spark students' imaginations with professional development, useful links, complimentary resources, creative tools and applications to help you integrate technology into your classroom and improve learning outcomes.


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Professional Development  

1-to-1 Guides
Primary, middle and secondary school guide books developed by Microsoft Partners in Learning and Australian state education departments. They provide curriculum ideas, examples, case studies and tips to support teachers working within the Digital Education Revolution.

Office Labs
Office Labs experiments with ideas that come from anywhere inside Microsoft, and we've created this online sandbox where you can see and play with concepts we're exploring to help improve your productivity.

Innovative Teachers Awards
Be inspired by the work of teachers who are using technology to improve learning outcomes. Try their ideas in your classroom.  2012 Innovative Teachers Awards entries are open now.

Teacher Tools
Watch videos and download guides and e-books to inspire your class and to help you make the best use of tools and technology in your lessons.

PiL School Research
Surveys that are self-assessment tools for schools that measure innovative teaching practices.

Learning Content Development System (LCDS)
Create and publish high-quality, interactive online courses including activities, quizzes, games, assessments, animations, demos and other multimedia.

Free* Downloads

Mouse Mischief
Allows you to create Microsoft PowerPoint presentations that students can interact with in class using multiple mice.

Interactive Classroom
Create in-class polls and share them over a wireless network in real time. Plus share notes and content with students during lessons using Microsoft OneNote.

Worldwide Telescope
This amazing virtual telescope brings together imagery from ground and space telescopes from around the world, so students can explore the galaxy, the solar system, the planets and their moons.

* Internet connection required.  Internet use charges may apply as set by your internet service provider.   


A complimentary hosted service that provides each student, teacher and staff member with email, instant messaging, 25 GB of file storage, online workspaces, blogs, calendars, video chat and more.

Our partners are currently offering an exclusive, low-cost deployment service - but only for a limited time. Email us today and we'll have an experienced local partner contact you with further details.

IT Academy
Subscribe your institution to comprehensive IT training, resources and Microsoft certification opportunities.

How to start a Windows 7 pilot deployment
Plan your deployment with detailed guidance from us.

Deployment Tech centre
Get your Windows pilot started with up-to-date information and resources.  

Microsoft Education Labs
See what education could be like in the future. We're experimenting with all sorts of ideas.

Microsoft TechNet
A site designed especially for IT professionals - get the latest downloads and advice and connect with peers via forums.

Free* Downloads

Professional Microsoft software for students from no charge, including developer tools (eg Microsoft Visual Studio and Kodu), designer tools (Microsoft Expression) and server software (Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server).

Windows 7 Trial
Test your software and hardware on a final version of the product before you deploy across the school.

*Internet connection required.  Internet use charges may apply as set by your internet service provider.