If you're a Kiwi Startup developing software or apps, are less than 5 years old, privately held, and making less than US$1M annually, then Microsoft BizSpark is for you!

BizSpark is a free program dedicated to startups, giving you access to the software and tools you need to build apps, the technology to get in the cloud and the opportunity to connect with over 50,000 Startups and 1,500 Startup orgs around the world.

Get 3 years access to Visual Studio Ultimate + a MSDN Subscription, for design, development, testing and demo for up to 7 members (you can apply to increase your total member number via BizSpark Support) .

Get $150 USD per month of Windows Azure for the duration of your membership.

PLUS unlock a further $60k USD of Windows Azure over two years - Free usage for the first year + 50% off retail in the second year (NB. you need to be a member or alumni of an Accelerator program to qualify).

If you complete Graduation: Your organisation obtains a license grant for any production licenses for your SaaS solution and Visual Studio with MSDN subscriptions you requested at graduation. You may continue using any of the software listed on the license grant according to the use rights listed on the license grant.

NOTE: If you don’t complete Graduation: You must stop using any software provided to you via BizSpark at the end of the 3-year program.

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