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Tech·Ed Keynote Speaker - Amit Mital
General Manager, Live Mesh and Developer Platform (LM&DP)

Software-plus-Services is Microsoft's strategy for the next generation of computing. Central to this is bringing together the best of cloud-based services and the software that resides on a world of devices. Providing seamless experiences for individuals and information workers, and providing the choice and flexibility for organisations on how and where they deploy and manage their infrastructure and line of business applications.

While different vendors are evolving their offerings from different starting points, the entire industry is converging on the Software + Service approach. Hear from Amit Mital, General Manager Live Mesh and Developer Platform, on how Software + Services are being used to solve problems today and the vision for the future.

Amit Mital - General Manager Live Mesh Developer Platform

Amit Mital is the General Manager of the Live Mesh and Developer Platform (LM&DP) organisation.  He recently celebrated 15 years with Microsoft.  

During his tenure with the Company, Amit has shipped 11 products in a leadership role, most recently the Live Mesh experience and platform.  Previously he was the General Manager for LiveMeeting where he led the design, development and delivery of Web Conferencing technology.   Prior to that, Amit incubated and led the BizTalk Server product group for four years. 

Amit holds over 28 U.S. and international patents and has delivered keynotes at several industry conferences, consistently rating in the top 10% of speakers.  His background spans various categories including team building, outsourcing, Technical leadership, Field and Customer engagement, technology incubation and acquisition management.


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