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SOA & Architecture - TechEd Live New Zealand 2008

Service orientation allows any resource to be exposed as a service and composed into new dynamic applications, all based on industry standards. Central to this is an impressive array of Microsoft offerings covering application messaging, integration, and workflow technologies - including BizTalk Server and the emerging technologies of Windows Cardspace for identity management and BizTalk Services for peer connections.

Complimenting this methodology is Architecture - how do you make different technologies work together to solve business problems? How can you solve today's challenges without just choosing technology for technology's sake? The Architecture track offers broad perspectives that span many products, technologies and solutions.

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Vittorio Bertocci - 01 Sep 2008 - 3:08pm
TechEd 2008 NZ
Greetings from the far New Zealand :-) this is a great place, I wish...
James Newton-King - 04 Sep 2008 - 04:00am
TechEd 2008 Summary
TechEd NZ 2008 is over! These are my thoughts and experiences of this year's TechEd.
NZ Herald - 04 Sep 2008 - 04:00am
IT whiz spells out the future
We fail if there is a "disruptive discontinuity" in the market that we couldn't see far in advance. That's when Steve Ballmer comes to us and canes us.
Computerworld video interview with Miha Kralj - 03 Sep 8.46am
Miha Kralj & Rob O'Neill
Microsoft senior architect Miha Kralj discusses the future of computing with Computerworld editor Rob O'Neill.
TV3 Sunrise - 02 Sep 7:13am
Miha Kralj, Microsoft Architect
"How IT will change in the next 10 years and why should you care"
jb's Blog - speaker blog
Jeremy Boyd's blog
"behold the turtle, he only makes progress when he sticks his neck out"
Anna Liu - MSDN blog
Anna Liu, Microsoft Architect
Anna has extensive experience in the financial services industry and specialises in designing high performance and highly scalable distributed systems.
  • Jeremy Boyd
  • Rob Bagby SVR210
  • Anna Liu
  • Dr Neil Roodyn
  • Miha Kralj
  • Jeremy Boyd speaks about 'Velocity'
  • I'm A Legend
  • Marketplace Stand
  • Infrastructure Session

Vittorio BertocciVittorio Bertocci

Vittorio Bertocci has over 13 years experience in the industry and has worked in various fields, and is recognised as a breakthrough visionary in the field of digital identities. He works with major G100 enterprises worldwide, facilitating the early adoption of technologies such as Identity and Access Management. A book he co-authored, "Understanding Windows CardSpace", was published in January 2008, focusing on the concepts and challenges of Digital Identities.

Read Vittorio's blog

Microsoft BizTalk Server connectc systems both inside and across organisationsVisual Studio

Microsoft BizTalk Server is used to connect systems both inside and across organisations. This includes exchanging data and orchestrating business processes which require multiple systems. With over 7,000 customers, including 90 percent of the Fortune Global 100, BizTalk Server is a trusted solution for SOA and Business Process Management.

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