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The Social Events and General Conference Vibe at TechEd NZ

If you're attending the Girl Geek dinner, Bloggers dinner, the conference itself, the Ask The Experts evening, the farewell drinks or any of the other social events happening at this year's TechEd NZ Conference, be sure to keep an eye out for our roving photographer & video interview team - we want to make you famous!

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Session videos
Full session videos with speaker and slides/demos dual feed live:

WEB309 (Silverlight 2)
WEB304 (Panel - Web Futures)
DAT302 (SQL Server 2008)
SVR315 (WS2008 Hyper-V)
SEC305 (Virtualisation security)
SVR319 (Active Directory in WS2008)

Presentation Downloads
Presentations from TechEd 2008 sessions are ready for download from the Presentation Download Tool. - 04 Sep 2008
Code Camp & TechEd 2008
Owen Evans reviews Code Camp and TechEd 2008, and Scott Hanselman.
NZ Herald - 04 Sep 2008 - 04:00am
IT whiz spells out the future
We fail if there is a "disruptive discontinuity" in the market that we couldn't see far in advance. That's when Steve Ballmer comes to us and canes us.
James Newton-King - 04 Sep 2008 - 04:00am
TechEd 2008 Summary
TechEd NZ 2008 is over! These are my thoughts and experiences of this year's TechEd.
NZ Herald - 04 Sep 2008
Tech event a hit
The country's largest IT industry gathering had to put out the "full house" sign again this year...
TVNZ - 02 Sep 2008 - 7:28am
Kiwi IT industry discussed
Microsoft's NZ country manager Kevin Ackhurst talks to NZI Business host Corrin Dann on the state of the local IT industry as key players from the local and international IT industry gather in Auckland for TechEd.
Geekzone - 01 Sep 2008 - 5:26pm
Day One Roundup
Really good day so far. Lots of friendly faces and, um, food, heh. All of the presentations I attended so far...
Chris Auld - 31 Aug 2008 - 9:58am
The Brain On Tour
We've got the PDC 'Brain in a Jar' and we're taking it on a world tour. Here it is on the New Zealand leg...
Darryl Burling - 21 Jul 2008 - 1:04pm
Girl Geek Dinner at Tech Ed NZ
This year we've decided to take it to the next level by holding a Girl Geek Dinner at Tech Ed on Monday September 1 at 8pm. The evening will be hosted by Amanda Jackson (Girl Geek Dinners, Auckland) and Brenda Wallace (Girl Geek Dinners, Wellington) and will feature two speakers.
BronwenZ - 03 Sep 8:00pm
says back in our hotel...teched is over. Had a really good time. thanks to @darrylb for inviting us. #tenz8
JamesNK - 03 Sep 11.50pm
My #tenz8 summary blog post -
kunalk2 - 03 Sep 9:55pm
qik highlights from #tenz8 - tech fest (op shop) fantastic,IT in the next 10 yrs (Miha Kralj),Security (Steve Riley),dashboards (SQL,cubes)
kiwitwitter - 03 Sep 7:45pm
says tenz8 is a wrap. thanks everyone you've been grand
darrylb - 03 Sep 7:51pm
says @folleso 3hanks for being @ tenz8 - great sessions!
krismcg - 03 Sep 5:23pm
says #tenz8 is over, but for me... continues, I need a drink
kiwitwitter - 03 Sep 4:08pm
says maybe it is just the sessions i chose to attend but damn the speakers at tenz8 are really good this year!
hilsdb - 03 Sep 2:48pm
is consistently amazed at what people will do for a free phone! #tenz8
robinm - 03 Sep 11:40am
says Regretting my decline of my manager's offer to attend tenz8
JamesHip - 03 Sep 8:35am
#tenz8 Good morning Lord (at least it's better than "good lord, it's morning!) 5.5 hours sleep not enough
brettrob - 03 Sep 8:33am
says is looking forward to another day of TechEd-ification #tenz8
tenz8 - 02 Sep 7:07pm
@freitasm says cool Microsoft closed all bars at Princes Wharf for us! #tenz8
techedlive - 02 Sep 6:11pm
Remember your glo-sticks as it's your ticket into TechFest then down to Princes Wharf for a 6.30pm start. Grab any lost geeks on the way too
techedlive - 02 Sep 3:47pm
Congratulations to Martin Brooks from IAG, the winner of the second HP Mini Note on the Microsoft stand!
hilsdb - 02 Sep 2:56pm
is at TechEd 08, SCVMM - seeing if Stu will bring the sexy back to management #tenz
BronwenZ - 02 Sep 2:50pm
Watched @shanselman session on making my blog suck less. T'was good..wish I had seen the 2 hr version last night #tenz8
dwnz - 02 Sep 2:01pm
Iis at hands on lab again. love this place. #tenz8
JamesHip - 02 Sep 12:25pm
#tenz8 just realised: unlike 2005, have no time for labs, too many good sessions
BronwenZ - 02 Sep 11:01am
Had a great GGDinner last night. Have been running into a lot of the attendees this morning...v. cool #tenz8
robfe - 31 Aug 6:39pm
Best CodeCamp ever, not cos i got to speak. Really coherent - i was mesmerised. @shanselman and @follesoe were so good... @tenz8
robfe - 31 Aug 6:38pm
Best CodeCamp ever, not cos i got to speak. Really coherent - i was mesmerised. @shanselman and @follesoe were so good... @tenz8
freitasm - 31 Aug 5:15pm
cool Ace is providing coffee this year... coffee! #tenz8
techedlive - 31 Aug 2:03pm
Registration for #tenz8 is now open at SKYCITY Convention Centre. Come try out the dual screen Hands on Labs and get your Tech Ed bag!
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  • Welcome to Tech Ed 2008
  • Welcome to Tech Ed 2008
  • Welcome to Tech Ed 2008
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  • Bloggers Dinner
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  • It's been a great Tech Ed
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  • See you next year
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