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Hyper-V TechFest - TechEd Live New Zealand 2008

What's a great event without an amazing party? TechEd's "TechFest" is world famous in New Zealand as The Tech Party Of The Year, Every Year! And this year the Hyper-V TechFest was no exception, in a great new location, with eye-wateringly great parfomances by the boys from Op Shop and dDub - proudly brought to you by the Virtualisation & Server team at Microsoft New Zealand (thanks lads!)

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Session videos
Full session videos with speaker and slides/demos dual feed live:

WEB309 (Silverlight 2)
WEB304 (Panel - Web Futures)
DAT302 (SQL Server 2008)
SVR315 (WS2008 Hyper-V)
SEC305 (Virtualisation security)
SVR319 (Active Directory in WS2008)

Presentation Downloads
Presentations from TechEd 2008 sessions are ready for download from the Presentation Download Tool.
James Newton-King - 04 Sep 2008 - 04:00am
TechEd 2008 Summary
TechEd NZ 2008 is over! These are my thoughts and experiences of this year's TechEd.
NZ Herald - 04 Sep 2008 - 04:00am
IT whiz spells out the future
We fail if there is a "disruptive discontinuity" in the market that we couldn't see far in advance. That's when Steve Ballmer comes to us and canes us. - 04 Sep 2008
Code Camp & TechEd 2008
Owen Evans reviews Code Camp and TechEd 2008, and Scott Hanselman.
Vittorio Bertocci - 01 Sep 2008 - 3:08pm
TechEd 2008 NZ
Greetings from the far New Zealand :-) this is a great place, I wish...
NZ Herald - 04 Sep 2008
Tech event a hit
The country's largest IT industry gathering had to put out the "full house" sign again this year...
Scott Wylie - MSNZ DPE Director
TechEd 2008...done
I knew we could lay claim to being the largest ICT conference in NZ but I was told yesterday that TechEd is the largest conference event of any type in New Zealand. Wow.
Scott Wylie - 02 Sep 2008 11:31pm
Everything turned out like we had planned...
Opshop headlined last night at TechFest and I can't get that song out of my head now - I think the technical term is an earworm! Great night last night...
Computerworld - 03 Sep 2008
Govt not valuing local ICT capacity
Catalyst IT director Don Christie is accusing government of tilting the ICT industry in the wrong direction by undervaluing local development capacity and looking overseas too quickly for ICT resources.
Kevin Daly's Blog - 02 Sep 5:45pm
My last for today: 'Dynamic Languages on .NET'...
FryUp: Microsoft Photosynthed - 22 Aug 2008
There's much to like about Microsoft's immersive photo application, Photosynth
You can spend hours sliding around inside the "synths", exploring pictures from many different views and angles...
kunalk2 - 03 Sep 9:55pm
qik highlights from #tenz8 - tech fest (op shop) fantastic,IT in the next 10 yrs (Miha Kralj),Security (Steve Riley),dashboards (SQL,cubes)
laurasaur - 03 Sept 7:55pm
wasted from techfest. nice to meet everyone at post drinkies #tenz8
kiwitwitter - 03 Sep 7:45pm
says tenz8 is a wrap. thanks everyone you've been grand
laurasaur - 03 Sept 11:45am
says reaaaaally need to stop throwing up so i can get back to #tenz8
robinm - 03 Sep 11:40am
says Regretting my decline of my manager's offer to attend tenz8
KevDaly - 03 Sept 8:45am
says #tenz8 Um, my head hurts.
kiwitwitter - 03 Sept 8:41am
says I shot some video from my trusty handheld at tenz8 techfest last night
kunalk2 - 02 Sept 11:02pm
says Well what a night! Great performance. #tenz8
br3nda - 02 Sept 10:43pm
@buildmaster I missed out on your tenz8 techfest interpretive dance!!!
buildmaster - 02 Sept 10:40pm
says Can't help but feel the tenz8 tech fest venue not as good as last year.
buildmaster - 02 Sept 10:34pm
says Talking agile at tenz8
kunalk2 - 02 Sept 10:34pm
Loving op shop! #tenz8
kunalk2 - 02 Sept 10:33pm
says Power out op shop still rocking! #tenz8
kiwitwitter - 02 Sept 10:30pm
says we are back acoustic no lights tenz8
kiwitwitter - 02 Sept 10:26pm
says power cut!
uknzguy - 02 Sept 10:25pm
says Power went out mid song! Nooooo! #tenz8
kiwitwitter - 02 Sept 10:18pm
says op shop is owning the tenz8 party 2000 geeks rocking out on princess wharf!
kiwitwitter - 02 Sept 10:15pm
says op shop covering smashing pumpkins at tenz8 you want some honey? let me out!
hilsdb - 02 Sept 10:10pm
says is home - TechFest all good, tons of people!. Really, really impressed with Miha's Where IT is Heading in 10 years session ...
kunalk2 - 02 Sept 10:10pm
says op shop rocking the house! #tenz8
uknzguy - 02 Sept 10:15pm
says OpShop are on now #tenz8
freitasm - 02 Sept 10:03pm
says damn good coffee. off to hotel now #tenz8
kunalk2 - 02 Sept 9:55pm
says Ddub were awesome. Dave going
kiwitwitter - 02 Sept 9:41pm
says ddub is going off at tenz8!
kunalk2 - 02 Sept 9:10pm
says Ddub rocking the house! #tenz8
westynz - 02 Sept 8:45pm
#tenz8 where is the food?!
kiwitwitter - 02 Sept 8:41pm
says the port o loo has carpet on the walls at tenz8
JamesHip - 02 Sept 8:40pm
#tenz8 latte anyone?
JamesHip - 02 Sept 8:30pm
#tenz8 takeaways 4 dinner, heading back to hotel
kunalk2 - 02 Sept 8:10pm
says at tech fest! Enjoying it!#tenz8
JamesHip - 02 Sept 8:08pm
#tenz8 great idea Intergen: earplugs in survival kit
freitasm - 02 Sept 8:03pm
says lucky I had steak and guinness. serioulsy folks, I don't drink that much #tenz8
freitasm - 02 Sep 7:07pm
says cool Microsoft closed all bars at Princes Wharf for us! #tenz8
techedlive - 02 Sep 12:03pm
If you are using Twitter follow @techedlive for updates and follow + reply to @tenz8 for a back channel during the event - and share your TechEd files with each other on Live Mesh. Email to get an invite today.
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