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Light Up The Web - TechEd Live New Zealand 2008

The web track brings you the latest information on cutting edge Web technologies and delivers User Experience knowledge across the Windows desktop, to mobile devices, and to cross-browser and cross-platform on the Web. Get the latest information on XAML, Expression Studio and Silverlight, as well as all the in-depth coverage of Microsoft IIS, ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, Internet Explorer and the Windows Live Platform.

So whether you are interested in taking your ASP.NET development to the next level, or finding out how you can use your .NET development skills to build rich experiences that run in the Safari browser on the Mac, the Web track is for you.

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Expression Designer Tools

Expression. - 04 Sep 2008
Code Camp & TechEd 2008
Owen Evans reviews Code Camp and TechEd 2008, and Scott Hanselman. - 03 Sep 2008 - 1:30pm
Silverlight 2 for Developers
Earlier today I gave my “Silverlight 2 for Developers” talk at TechEd NZ. I know the title is a little bit vague, but... - 01 Sep 2008 - 11:18am
Unit Testing, Presentation Model and the HTML Bridge at CodeCamp NZ
Yesterday I gave a Silverlight presentation and CodeCamp Auckland. The presentation was focusing on how to apply dependency injection in Silverlight using Ninject, unit testing and the presentation model pattern. Towards the end I threw in a little HTML-bridge fun, and... - 01 Sep 2008 - 10:06pm
A Java guy goes to Microsoft Codecamp
I thought I'd cruise along and check out what's new in the MS world and see how other conferences are being run (and no, I wasn't just there to stalk Scott Hanselman)...
Dr. Neil - 02 Aug 2008
Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio 2008
The second in our mini-series of videos showing how easy it is to get started with the new Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio.
JamesNK - 04 Sep 1.41pm
says @follesoe your legend session on sl dev from tenz8 is online
JamesNK - 03 Sep 11.50pm
My #tenz8 summary blog post -
darrylb - 03 Sep 7:51pm
says @folleso 3hanks for being @ tenz8 - great sessions!
BronwenZ - 03 Sep 4:26pm
watching c# tips and tricks ..last session of the day at #tenz8
kiwitwitter - 03 Sep 4:08pm
says maybe it is just the sessions i chose to attend but damn the speakers at tenz8 are really good this year!
robinm - 03 Sep 11:40am
says Regretting my decline of my manager's offer to attend tenz8
kiwitwitter - 03 Sep 11:00am
@follesoe Silverlight Dev session at tenz8 today was AWESOME! Can't wait for his code samples. My session is not 300 level after seeing this
BronwenZ - 03 Sep 10:35am
@follesoe has some really sweet images in his slides! Makes me want to go diving #tenz8
JamesHip - 03 Sep 9:15am
says #tenz8 in Silverlight, all networking is asynchronous
jacqc - 03 Sep 9:15am
#tenz8 @Tech Ed Day 3. In room 1 watching Jona's presentation.
follesoe - 03 Sep 8:50am
says Up and ready for Silverlight 2 for devs at #tenz8 - Hopefully people are awake :)
br3nda - 02 Sept 6:01pm
Liking the visual studio ide. Not liking the virtual machine slowness.
shanselman - 02 Sept 5:10pm
@ShawnWildermuth Because someone is trying to make the web better. I suppose any alternative paradigm browsers. It raises the bar for all.
JamesHip - 02 Sept 5:15pm
#tenz8 web317 starting
kiwitwitter - 02 Sep 12:46m
I just participated in a super sized web panel @tenz8 it was fun and should be online at some point in the next couple of days.
follesoe - 02 Sep 12:46m
If you are using The future of the web panel at #tenz8 went quite well. Some good questions. Now adding final touches to Dive Log app.
darrylb - 02 Sept 11:42am
Guaging the tone of the web futures panel #tenz8
BronwenZ - 02 Sept 11:24am
watching the web futures panel at #tenz8 - room is packed
JamesHip - 02 Sept 11:24am
#tnz8 Silverlight gets us around the limitations of HTML, is the future of the web
  • Jonas Folleso; Jorke Odolphi; Nigel Parker; Scott Hanslman; Trent Mankelo
  • Web Futures Session
  • Web Futures The Next 18 Months
  • Scott Cate in .Net 3.5
  • Scott Cate in .Net 3.5
  • Trade Me
  • Web Tool
  • Trade Me Presents
  • Fun up your home

Jonas FollesoeJonas Follesø

Jonas works as a senior consultant at Capgemini in Trondheim, Norway. He has broad experience and knowledge of the .NET Framework, the .NET Compact Framework, ASP.NET and C#.

Jonas is an active member of and contributor to the Norwegian .NET developer community. He is an experienced speaker with top ratings from MSDN Live and the Norwegian .NET User Group. In January 2006 Jonas became a Microsoft Regional Director.

Read Jonas' blog

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