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 Sales and Marketing Resources for OEM Distributors

Market and sell Microsoft value to your clients. This collection of resources can help you engage clients, drive growth and capitalise on business opportunities.​

Ready-to-Use Distributor Campaign Materials

These materials are elements of key Microsoft marketing campaigns. Contact your account manager for additional customisable materials.

Windows 7 | Office 2010 | Servers

Windows 7

Windows 7 Value Pack

The Windows 7 Value Pack DVD provides free, valuable Microsoft solutions to end users complementing their Windows 7 experience. The Value Pack is an ideal offer for your Resellers to include with all end-user purchases of new Windows 7 PCs or COEM Windows 7 software packs.

Authorised OEM Distributors: Contact one of the Authorised Replicators in your region to order the Windows 7 Value Pack, Microsoft part number 050-00779.

The cost of the DVD and shipping costs from the Authorised Replicator may be reimbursed through the Authorised OEM Distributor Incentives Programme.

Use the following materials to learn about the Windows 7 Value Pack and promote it to your resellers.

To Distributor Sell Sheet
.pdf 418 KB
.pdf 811 KB
.pdf 841 KB
Chinese (Traditional)
.pdf 930 KB
.pdf 808 KB
Portuguese (Brazil)
.pdf 801 KB
.pdf 813 KB
.pdf 896 KB
.pdf 861 KB
.pdf 1.4 MB
.pdf 918 KB
.pdf 796 KB
.pdf 762 KB

Web Resources Description
Web Banners
.zip 54 MB
Use these banners to promote the Windows 7 Value Pack on your web site.

Office 2010


Small Business Server 2011

Take advantage of the momentum with the Small Business Server 2011 product family.

Resource Description
Family Copy Blocks
.docx 492 KB
Use this copy to drive interest in server solutions.
Animated Web Banners
.zip 7.8 MB
Use these animated web banners to promote SBS 2011 solutions.
Static Web Banners
.zip 7.8 MB
Use these web banners to promote SBS 2011 solutions.
Which Server to Choose Brochure
.zip 11.7 MB
Give partners this customisable trifold brochure to use with customers to help them determine the appropriate server solution.
Which Server to Choose Presentation
.pptx 4.1 MB
Use this presentation to help partners work with small-business owners to determine the appropriate server solution for their needs.

Not All Buyers Need the Same Hardware

These videos will help you lead your customers to the right computers for their needs and lifestyles – whether for business or home. And remember, great hardware deserves great software like the Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft.

Resource Description
PC Basics Video
.zip 42.8 MB
Review basic components found in new hardware so that you can guide customers to the best computer for their needs.
Consumer Video
.zip 52.5 MB
Review basic concepts on how to help customers find the right PC for their lifestyle – whether for home or gaming.
Business Video
.zip 51.7 MB
Review basic concepts on how to help customers find the right PC for their business needs – whether in the office or on the road.
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