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 Windows 7 OEM Preinstallation Kit Training

These training documents and videos provide information about how to deploy Windows 7. The training includes the following topics:

  • An introduction to the Windows 7 OEM Preinstallation Kit (Windows OPK).
  • Preparing your lab environment.
  • Detailed deployment instructions.
  • Video demonstrations.
Windows OPK Labs .pdf 640 KB

Download this document to walk through the steps required for a typical Windows 7 deployment.

Note: The labs should be completed in order.

Windows OPK Videos

Play or download videos to see a demonstration of a typical Windows 7 deployment.

Note: The videos should be watched in order.

1. Prepare Your Lab Environment

Instructions for building a technician computer.
Completion time: 30 minutes

2. Design a Windows 7 Installation

Instructions for creating an answer file using Windows System Image Manager (Windows SIM).
Completion time: 1–2 hours

3. Build a Reference Computer

Instructions for creating a Windows image.
Completion time: 1–2 hours

4. Deploy a Windows 7 Image

Instructions for deploying a Windows image using the ImageX tool.
Completion time: 2 hours

5. Test Your Windows 7 Image

Instructions for testing your installation using the OEM Setup Analyser (OSA) tool.
Completion time: 5 minutes per report

6. Service Your Windows 7 Image

Instructions for servicing a Windows image using the DISM tool.
Completion time: 30 minutes

7. Build a Recovery Environment

Instructions for building two recovery solutions.
Completion time: 1 hour

8. Additional OEM Customisations

Optional instructions for implementing Windows System Assessment Tools (WinSAT) and BitLocker Drive Encryption.

To contact the OPK documentation team with feedback about the labs or the videos, please send email to lhdocfb@microsoft.com.

1. Introduction to the Windows 7 OEM Preinstallation Kit

Provides an overview of the OPK documentation and deployment tools.
Play video | Download video .zip 7.5 MB
Transcript .pdf 134 KB

2. Create an Answer File

Demonstrates how to create a basic answer file using Windows SIM.
Play video | Download video .zip 12.7 MB
Transcript .pdf 192 KB

3. Add OEM Customisations to Windows 7

Demonstrates how to add basic OEM customisations in an answer file and the OOBE.xml file.
Play video | Download video .zip 12.8 MB
Transcript .pdf 174 KB

4. Create a Bootable Windows Preinstallation Environment CD-ROM

Demonstrates how to create a Windows Preinstallation Environment CD-ROM that can be used to boot a new computer.
Play video | Download video .zip 5.8 MB
Transcript .pdf 182 KB

5. Create a Reference Computer

Demonstrates how to deploy an image on a reference computer and then capture that
Play video | Download video .zip 8.2 MB
Transcript .pdf 178 KB

6. Service a Windows 7 Image Using DISM

Demonstrates how to update an image offline, without booting the operating system.
Play video | Download video .zip 9.0 MB
Transcript .pdf 155 KB

7. Deploy a Customised Windows 7 Image

Demonstrates how to deploy an image with a recovery solution.
Play video | Download video .zip 8.4 MB
Transcript .pdf 159 KB
How to Get the Windows OPK

The Windows OPK download and supporting documentation is available in multiple languages. Obtain the Windows OPK, learn more about its features and review additional technical documentation and other resources.

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