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 Genuine Windows 7

Understand the importance of preinstalling only the genuine Windows 7 operating system. Use the resources on this page to learn about the benefits of genuine Windows 7 and to communicate those benefits to your customers.

Genuine Windows 7 provides an enhanced user experience:

Windows 7 screen capture
  • Innovative navigation and a powerful visual interface.
  • Easy-to-use search and organisation tools.
  • Unlimited access to Microsoft downloads and technology updates.
  • Better protection from spyware and malware.
  • Improved PC performance and reliability.

Non-genuine Windows provides a diminished user experience:

  • The chosen desktop is replaced with a plain black background every hour.
  • An option to immediately activate appears and notifications are prominently displayed every hour.
  • A watermark may appear on the desktop, reading "This copy of Windows is not genuine."
  • Users will be denied access to genuine updates and downloads.

Get Genuine Kit Provides a Simple Solution

Help your customers get genuine Windows on their existing PCs, deepen your customer relationship and become a trusted advisor.

Windows 7 Activation Update (February 2010)

All copies of Windows 7 require activation as part of the operating system’s tools for protecting against piracy. Beginning February 16, 2010, a voluntary activation update that detects known and potentially dangerous activation exploits will be released in a phased rollout to customers. This update will be rolled out in waves by country, and will also be available on the Genuine Microsoft Software website for customers worldwide. The update will enable customers to:

  • Check for activation exploits.
  • Retrieve signature updates from Microsoft.
  • Leverage built-in notifications.
  • Detect tampering.
  • Self-heal some affected Windows licensing files.

If the update detects the presence of an activation exploit, Windows 7 will enter a non-genuine state and the user will receive a built-in notification. Once genuine activation is successful, the PC will revert to a genuine state. Affected end users will be directed to Microsoft to address their problems or concerns, and OEMs may also receive some related enquiries.

While Microsoft anticipates that this update will not impact OEMs in any significant manner, Microsoft encourages OEMs to direct end user enquiries to the Genuine Microsoft Software website, where they will be able to validate their Windows product. If the validation process detects activation exploits on the end user’s system, the end user will be directed to Microsoft support centres (via world-wide phone support).

For more details, review this Windows 7 Activate Update document .pdf 151 KB

Windows 7 Product Resources

Download Description
This quick video demo explains the benefits of genuine Windows and offers and overview of the new features in Windows 7.
Use this activation guide to help ensure that partners are using genuine Windows while helping to avoid the risks associated with the use of unlicensed software.
In this video guide, two Windows experts define genuine Windows, share its benefits, and explain the risks of using non-genuine Windows.
Provides information about the basics, policies, value, technology, experience, service and privacy that genuine Windows 7 offers.
Provides information about genuine and non-genuine Windows 7, including activation, confirmation, troubleshooting and resolving notifications.
Helps to explain Windows 7 activation and notifications in a 60-day timeline. Points to general Windows 7 resources.
Helps you compare versions and editions of Windows 7, and explains key features.
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