Microsoft Account Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how to create and use a Microsoft account, why this website uses Microsoft account, and how you can get additional information and troubleshooting assistance if you encounter issues using your Microsoft account.
Q. What is Microsoft account?
Q. Why has the Microsoft OEM Partner Center (OPC) website chosen to use Microsoft account to authenticate its users?
Q. Where can I find general information about Microsoft account, including how to create one?
Q. I have a current Windows Live ID. Do I need to update to a Microsoft account?
Q. Can I have more than one Microsoft account?
Q. I am a registered user, but now when I log into the OPC website, I see a page asking me to register. What do I do now?
Q. I've signed up with my Microsoft account, and I can get into the site just fine, but I'd really like to use a different Microsoft account. Can I switch the Microsoft account I use to access the OPC website?
Q. I've forgotten the password for my Microsoft account, and now I can't get into the OPC website. How can I reset my password?
Q. I’ve lost my Microsoft Account (formerly LiveID) username. Can I recover it?
Q. My browser is configured to not accept cookies and I can't get into the OPC website. How can I fix this?
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