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Know what to expect when you preinstall Office. It is important to understand preinstallation mechanisms and how to customize your installations.

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OEM tool/software Description
OEM Preinstallation Guide for Office 2016
.pdf 877 KB

OEM Office v16 OPK UX Validation
.pdf 7.58 MB

In-depth information about how to download and use the Office 2016 OPK.

Office v16.1 OPK

Set of tools, documentation, and product files that assist OEMs in preloading the new Office on new PCs for distribution to end users.

Office 2016 Installation and Activation FAQ
.pdf 1.97 MB

This document is intended to help OEMs and resellers install and activate Microsoft Office 2016.

Office Training Center

Visit the Office Training Center to find out about these topics: What's New and Improved in 2016, Office v16 OPK Quick Start Guides, and Office Training.

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