Legalization licensing solutions

The best and most cost-effective way for customers to acquire Windows software is preinstalled on a new PC. However, more customers are becoming aware that they are running non-genuine Windows on their PCs and are in need of legalization due to the counterfeit or unlicensed software.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Consider the following scenarios when evaluating whether your customer might be at risk.

Did your customer:

  1. Purchase PCs without an operating system (OS) preinstalled and then use a Volume Licensing agreement to install Windows?
  2. Purchase PCs with Windows 7 Home installed as the base OS and then use a commercial Volume Licensing agreement to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional?
  3. Attempt to save costs by performing in-place motherboard upgrades without acquiring new Windows licenses for those PCs?
  4. Download software online or from unknown sources?

Get important tips to help your customers make the best choices for their organizations when they acquire Windows desktop licenses.

If your customers are running non-genuine Windows on their PCs, they're at risk. Here's how to help them acquire valid Windows software licenses:

  • Get Genuine Kit The Get Genuine Kit gives you a cost-effective solution to help your customers get legal through a solution similar to OEM licensing.
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