Windows licensing and packaging

The Windows license is affixed to the outside of the OEM System Builder pack. It governs a system builder's rights to distribute the software.

Windows licensing terms for OEM system builder packs

Opened pack
By opening the pack, you agree to the license terms. You must preinstall the license for Windows software onto a fully assembled hard drive using the OPK.

Unopened pack
Unopened packs can be delivered to another system builder—an OEM, assembler, refurbisher, or preinstaller of software on computer systems.
End user distribution
Packs should not be distributed to end users. Software is preinstalled onto customer systems for use by end users. The software license located in the pack must be given to the end user. Software licenses may include a COA, media, and a Getting Started guide.
  System builder software: not for legalization
The Get Genuine Kit for Windows—not OEM System Builder software—is the proper legalization solution for existing customer systems. Get details.

OEM software packaging

With Windows 10 products Microsoft is continuing to use the simplified, greener, and more cost-efficient packaging that the company previously introduced for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 products. Products are available only in single unit packs (1-pack).

The key changes made to the Windows product packaging include:

  • The Windows DVD will remain in the new package.
  • There will be a new COA design attached to the front of the DVD sleeve.
  • System Builder License label will have some changes to the wording.
  • The barcode label will be printed using the “SegoePro” font.
  • “If you open this package” label will have some changes to the wording.

With the changes made to the ODR packaging, the software Packs contain:

  • The System Builder License on the front of the pack.
  • Localized information on the pack.
  • Media (DVD).
  • COA label on front of pack.

An illustrated version of the software Pack is provided below:

Windows Product software is shipped in a plain white envelope with a “break the seal” sticker – once the system builder opens the pack, they agree to the terms of the System Builder License printed on the side of the Pack.

Media-less packaging option

Microsoft did not produce a media-less option for Windows 10 due to the limited demand. However, there are still media-less options for specific versions.

The ODR media-less pack is identical to the ODR Pack with media, with the following exceptions:

  • The media is removed from the media sleeve within the envelope.
  • The media sleeve is removed from the envelope.
  • The media sleeve is replaced by a card that looks identical to the media sleeve.
  • The COA that was normally on the media sleeve is now placed on the card.

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