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Windows 8 featured devices

The Windows Device Marketing Hub on the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) spotlights some of the latest Windows 8 featured devices for the season and links to device selling training courses, DCCN featured device finder tool for partners, device marketing assets and syndication, device offers.

If you don’t see the devices that you sell at the Device Marketing Hub, use the Device Finder tool on the Microsoft Digital Commerce and Campaign (DCCN) website. The DCCN showcases many more Windows 8 devices. Identify the right devices for your customers, plus download device marketing assets and syndication for you to place on your website to drive demand for the Windows 8 devices you sell.

Windows 8 device sales and marketing resources
Retailer assets
Training and videos Compare to Chromebook
Resource Description
Use this presentation in customer conversations to differentiate and win in competitive situations.
Telesales guide

.pptx 2.0 MB
Have a conversation with your commercial customers about the value of Windows 8 Pro devices.
.zip 65.3 MB
Use this editable flyer to convey the value of Windows 8 Pro devices to your customers.
Sales sheet
.zip 64.4 MB
Understand Windows 8 Pro device sales opportunities and how to sell.
Web banners
.zip 183 MB
Promote Windows 8 Pro devices on your website using these banners.
Email templates
.zip 1.74 MB
Drive demand for Windows 8 Pro devices with these to-customer email templates.

OEM Reseller Incentives Program

Be a leader in Windows Devices sales

The Microsoft OEM Reseller Incentives Program provides channel incentive funds to eligible OEM resellers for qualifying purchases of Windows devices from authorized Distributors.

Offers on Windows 8 devices for OEM partner program members

Learn about the latest Windows 8 Pro device offers you can take advantage of now. Also, join with our top OEM hardware partners to access additional benefits for their program members.

  • Acer: special offers on the Iconia and Aspire.
  • ASUS: demo program discounts and other benefits with the ASUS Systems partner program.
  • Dell: access to Dell Member Purchase program, among other program benefits for Dell Partner Direct Preferred and Premier partners.
  • Fujitsu: see how Fujitsu is committed to providing a reliable, open, communicative, and collaborative working atmosphere that helps ensure mutual success through their SELECT Partner Program.
  • HP: rebates on first sales and other benefits within the HP Partner One program. Also look at the latest deals and offers.
  • Lenovo: up to 50 percent off ThinkPad Helix, ThinkPad Twist, and ThinkPad Tablet 2 under the Lenovo Partner Demo Program.
  • Samsung: benefits for Partners in Innovation program members.
  • Toshiba: discounts and many other benefits through the Toshiba Preferred Partner program.

Additional resources

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