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Modern businesses require modern tools. Windows 8.1 provides an unprecedented opportunity for you to sell new services and solutions without changing your business model—and to upsell your customers from Windows 7.

Use these sales and marketing materials to help you communicate with customers about Windows 8.1:

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Windows 7 resources

Find OEM software downloads, online training, technical documentation, and videos to guide you through the Windows 7 preinstallation process.

Resources Description
Windows 7 OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) Tools and supporting documentation to help you preinstall Windows 7 with Service Pack 1.
Windows OPK labs and video training Training documents and videos provide information about how to deploy Windows 7.
System Builder Basics Watch an OPK expert as he goes through the basics of preinstalling Windows 7 with the OPK and demonstrates a complete end-to-end scenario.
Create a Windows 7 Hard Disk Recovery Solution
.pdf 1.8 MB
This solution enables Windows 7 to recover from most known causes for unbootable systems.
Windows XP Mode OPK Tools and supporting documentation to help you preinstall Windows XP Mode on Windows 7 PCs.
Language Interface Packs This software enables PCs to display parts of the Windows 7 user interface in a selected language.

Windows 7 Value Pack

The Windows 7 Value Pack is a free DVD that you can include in the images that you build for Windows 7 PCs. It consolidates selected Windows 7 application software into one collection.

Microsoft support resources

Windows 7 communities

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