Campaign overview

The First Server campaign is designed to introduce servers to small businesses with 25 or fewer PCs. It enables you deepen your relationship with those customers while growing your own business through value-added services.

The campaign helps you show small-business customers how Windows Server 2012 Essentials can provide these benefits:

  • Protect data.
  • Promote flexible work styles.
  • Simplify their path to the cloud.

Business opportunity

The first server opportunity is the largest opportunity in the market, because most small businesses with 25 or fewer PCs do not yet have a server. Today the majority of organizations also have a remote work force, and both employees and employers expect to be connected and have the ability to get their work wherever they are and whatever devices they use—from mobile devices to office PCs. At the same time, small businesses need to ensure data security and compliance but want to stay focused on their business, not on IT.

The affordable and powerful—yet simple—Windows Server 2012 Essentials was designed with small businesses in mind. A central server can automate important activities so your customers can spend less time and money worrying about technology and more on satisfying their customers. These activities include:

  • Back up and protect computers.
  • Allow teams to easily share and organize business documents.
  • Provide a platform for running line-of-business applications.
  • Provide remote data access from any Internet-connected location or device.

When customers purchase Windows Server Essentials 2012, you’ll also have valuable opportunities to provide additional managed services, as well as to cross-sell and upsell across Microsoft products and services.

First Server campaign resources

Resource Description
Learn about OEM reseller and system builder opportunities to drive first server sales to companies with 25 or fewer PCs.
Find answers to common questions about Windows Server 2012 Essentials.
Use this customer presentation to introduce and drive first-server opportunities within small businesses.
Discussion Guide

.docx 68.7 KB
Use this guide to facilitate productive conversations with small-business decision makers who are considering options for a first server.
Data Sheet

.docx 66.7 KB
Use the additional data and sales resources in the data sheet to promote Microsoft server solutions as the right choice for small businesses.
Web Banners

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Drive traffic to your First Server campaign page with these banners.
Telesales Guide

.docx 109 KB
Use this telesales guide when talking with small business customers about the business benefits of protecting data and promoting flexible work styles through Windows Server 2012 Essentials.
Post this two-minute video on your website to communicate the benefits of a server—and the unique value of Windows Server 2012 Essentials—to small businesses.
Use this companion guide with the First Server video to reinforce key sales messages. The guide is an easy sales reference tool to help close sales of Windows Server 2012 Essentials with first time server buyers.
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