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2007 Microsoft Office Suite Backup Media

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Microsoft Office System Download and Backup Media Site

Thank you for purchasing a Medialess License Kit. Your computer was pre-installed with a version of Microsoft Office 2007. Should you ever need to reinstall your version of Office, the fastest and easiest way is via a backup copy. This site is designed to help you obtain a backup copy now.

Download a Backup Copy

The fastest way to obtain a backup copy of Office is to download it. To begin that process, simply click the Download button below.

Order Now

If you’d like to order a backup disc of your version of Office by post, please select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu to begin the ordering process.

1. Choose your backup software language:

2. Choose a ship-to country:

3. Please enter your computer purchase date

4. Please enter your Microsoft Office Medialess License Kit purchase date

Computer and Microsoft Office Medialess License Kit purchase dates need to be within 90 days of each other to qualify for backup discs.

Questions? Go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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