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Please note the following

The purpose of this beta is to collect quality feedback and identify potential issues in advance of the final release. This number is limited so we can make certain that we get the feedback and testing required to ensure the quality of the final release.

Are you a candidate for Windows Intune Beta?

To participate in the Windows Intune Beta, we ask that you meet the following requirements:

  • Deploy Windows Intune to manage at least five PCs.
  • Deploy and begin testing the beta within one week of signup.

Sound like you? Please sign up to use the Windows Intune Beta. Visit Windows Intune TechCenter FAQ for help on signing up for your beta account.

Sign up

Note: If you sign up and are not able to meet these requirements, we reserve the right to disable your account so that we can make the account available to another customer.

Other ways to experience Windows Intune

If you would like to see Windows Intune in action, watch our demo videos.

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