Live Meeting System Requirements

Topic Last Modified: 2012-03-22

The following table lists the system requirements for Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007. For more information, see Microsoft Office Live Meeting (2007 version) system requirements.

Software Supported version
Screen resolution 800 × 600 screen resolution required for meeting attendees

1024 × 768 screen resolution required for presenters

Operating systems/Browser software Windows 98 SE/Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 with SP1

Windows 2000 SP4/Internet Explorer 6.0 with SP1

Windows XP SP 1a/Internet Explorer 6.0 with SP1

Windows XP SP2/Internet Explorer 6.0 or Windows Internet Explorer 7

Windows Vista/Internet Explorer 7

Memory 64 MB RAM
Bandwidth Connection to Internet: 56-Kbps modem. DSL, cable, or better recommended.
Media player software Windows Media Player 9
Microsoft Online Services strongly recommends accessing Office Live Meeting and other online services only through the Sign In application. Use of Office Live Meeting without being signed in through the Sign In application is not supported.

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