About Digital Signatures on Electronic Invoices

Topic Last Modified: 2009-03-03

The information in this topic applies to customers in the European Union only.

You will see a digital signature on your electronic invoices from Microsoft Online Services. Digital signatures are a way to ensure that your invoices are from an authentic source and have not been modified. Your invoices will be in the Portable Document Format, also known as the PDF file format. To make sure that an invoice is legitimate, you can verify the digital signature.

Verifying a Digital Signature in an Invoice

In order to ensure that an invoice is authentic, you can upload the invoice to the Sertifi Web site, the secure Web site you should use to verify the digital signature. A link to the Sertifi Web site to validate the signature will be provided at the bottom of your Microsoft Online Services invoice. Click the link and follow the instructions to upload your invoice and verify the digital signature.

You can also access the Sertifi Web site directly to upload your invoice and validate the signature at: https://www.sertifi.com/validatesignature/. This site is in English only.

  • If you have any difficulties validating the digital signature or you suspect fraud, contact support.
  • Make sure that the Web site address for this verification process begins with: https://www.sertifi.com. If it does not, then the site is not the authorized site for this verification process, and the invoice may be fraudulent.

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