Welcome to the Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal

Topic Last Modified: 2012-11-09

The Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal is a Web portal you use to try or buy subscriptions to Microsoft Online Services. You can also manage your active subscriptions: for example, you can increase the number of user licenses, change billing details, or select a Microsoft Authorized Partner to help with your subscription.

The Customer Portal is organized into four tabs: Home, Services, Subscriptions, and Shopping Cart. In addition to the four tabs, there is also a Support page. This topic explains the core features of each tab and the Support page, including links to related topics. Not all features of the Customer Portal are available until you sign in.

Home Tab

The Home tab gives you a first look at the services that are available on the Customer Portal. The first time you come to the Customer Portal, before you see the Home tab, you are asked to select a country or region where you will use your services. This country or region determines which services appear in the Available Services pane of the Home tab.

The Actions pane on the Home tab has links to tasks you may need to perform, such as editing your profile. For more information on the tasks in the Actions pane, see View Billing History and Edit My Profile.

Services Tab

On the Services tab, you click the name of a product family in the Services Filter pane to update the list of services that is displayed in the Available Trials and Available Services panes.

Subscriptions Tab

The Subscriptions tab allows you to view and manage your subscription details. In the Your Subscriptions pane, there is a list all of your subscriptions in a table. In the Actions column of that table, there is a drop-down list next to each subscription that includes all of the actions you can perform for that subscription. For more information, see Manage Your Subscriptions and Change Billing and Payment Information.

Shopping Cart Tab

The Shopping Cart tab is used whenever you add services to your cart from the Services tab, or if you increase the user licenses or storage on an existing subscription from the Subscriptions tab. The Shopping Cart tab displays details of the items in your cart, including the service name, the price per month, and any applicable discounts. On the Shopping Cart tab, you can also select a Microsoft Authorized Partner to help you with the subscriptions in your cart. For more information, see the following topics:

Support Page

Click the Support link at the bottom of any page in the Customer Portal to open the Support page. The Help and Technical Support pane contains links that may answer your questions or solve your issues. In the How Can We Assist You pane, you can look for the area where you need help, and click the links in that section to submit a service request or get more information. Some of the areas listed are the Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal, the Partner Program, and the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite. If you have any suggestions that you would like to submit, in the Send Feedback pane, click Give feedback. For more information, see Contact Support for Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal.