About Live Meeting

Topic Last Modified: 2009-03-25

Microsoft Office Live Meeting is an online meeting space. With Office Live Meeting, you can collaborate online with colleagues, customers, and partners in real time, using just a computer and an Internet connection.

What You Can Do with Office Live Meeting

Use Office Live Meeting to fulfill a variety of communication needs. You can deliver a presentation, hold a meeting with a large remote audience, or conduct a training.

Collaboration is easy with Office Live Meeting. You can share any type of content and work on documents during meetings. Participants can ask questions, work on a virtual “whiteboard,” and talk with each other during the meeting. Presenters can conduct audience polls while the meeting is in progress. You can use webcams so that meeting participants can see each other. These tools create an environment that encourages participation.

Meetings held with Office Live Meeting can be recorded and replayed. This is particularly convenient for people who were unable to attend the meeting or if you want to use a meeting presentation as a learning tool. The recording can be posted on a Web site to make it easily accessible to anyone who needs to view it.

Microsoft Online Services strongly recommends accessing Office Live Meeting and other online services only through the Sign In application. Use of the services without being signed in through the Sign In application is not supported.