Sign In to Microsoft Online Services for Mac

Topic Last Modified: 2009-10-19

You can sign in to all of your Microsoft Online Services at the same time using the Microsoft Online Services Sign In application. After you sign in with the Sign In application, you can access any of the services without being repeatedly prompted for your password.

To sign in for the first time

  1. Start the Sign In application.

  2. When prompted, type the e-mail address and temporary password that your service administrator gave you.

  3. Select the options that you want the Sign In application to remember the next time that you sign in, and then click Sign in.

  4. When prompted, change your password.

To sign in after the first time

  1. Start the Sign In application.

  2. If you did not previously select the options to remember your user name and password, type your e-mail address and password, and then click Sign in. Otherwise, just click Sign in.

Additional Information

If you share your computer with others, Microsoft Online Services recommends that you take the following extra precautions to help maintain the privacy of your account:

  • Do not select the Remember my user name and Remember my password check boxes.
  • Be sure to sign out at the end of each session.
If you enter an incorrect password five times within 15 minutes, your account will be locked for 15 minutes.

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