About Subscription Cancellation

Topic Last Modified: 2012-03-22

When you purchase a subscription through the Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal, a term length is specified in the subscription. Term lengths vary according to the service. To end a subscription, you can either let it expire at the end of its term, or cancel it during its term.

Paid Subscriptions

You can let your paid subscription expire at the end of a term by opting out of automatic renewal. For more information, see Stop Renewing Your Subscription Automatically.

If you do not want to wait until the end of a term to cancel a subscription, contact support.

  • If you cancel during the first term of a subscription, you will be billed for all months in the term. However, during the second and subsequent terms you can cancel a subscription without being billed for the remaining months of the term.
  • If you have a Windows Azure platform subscription that is a consumption offer, you can call support to cancel at any time, and you will only owe the amount that you have used up to the time of cancellation. For more information about consumption, usage, and offers, see the Windows Azure Platform Pricing Overview page.

Trial Subscriptions

You cannot cancel a trial subscription. It will automatically expire at the end of its term.

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