Close a Service Request

Topic Last Modified: 2009-03-25

To close a service request

  1. In the Microsoft Online Services Administration Center, click the Support tab, and then click Service Requests.

  2. In the Active Service Requests pane, select the check box for the service request that you want to close.

  3. In the Actions pane, click Close service request.

    The Service Request Properties Dialog Box opens.

  4. On the Notes tab, enter any information that explains the solution to the issue.

    • The Notes tab enables you to add information about the issue. Use this feature to provide Microsoft Online Services support staff with information about the issue that might help them identify the solution. This information is added to the Issue Log, which appears on this page.
    • The Information and Service Request Details tabs contain information that relates to the initial service request. The content of the Information page cannot be changed.
  5. Do one of the following:

    • When you have finished adding information, click Save to save your changes.
    • Click Cancel to exit the wizard without making changes.

    You return to the Service Requests page.

Only users who have been designated as service administrators can sign in to the Administration Center and close service requests.