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Topic Last Modified: 2012-03-22

After you have purchased SharePoint Online as a single service or as part of the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite, or after you have purchased Windows Intune, you can add additional storage to your service.

This topic explains how to buy additional storage for SharePoint Online. To purchase additional storage for Windows Intune, in the Windows Intune Administration workspace, click Storage Use, and then Purchase More Storage. For more information, see Manage Cloud Storage.

You cannot buy additional storage for these services unless you already have an active paid subscription.

To buy additional storage for SharePoint Online

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal using your Windows Live ID.

  2. On the Subscriptions page, locate the subscription to which you want to add extra storage, and then, in the Actions list, select Buy storage and click Go.

  3. In the Shopping Cart, under Qty, enter the additional number of gigabytes (GB) of storage you want. For example, if you currently have 100 GB, and you want to add another 25 GB, enter 25.

  4. Click Update total to calculate the total monthly charge and applicable taxes.

  5. Click Checkout to complete your purchase.

After you have purchased additional storage, you cannot reduce the amount of that additional storage.

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