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Tribridge Leads Businesses into the Future

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Businesses are rapidly embracing cloud services. For many, it is simply a logical next step in replacing old systems with better technology.

Tribridge, a U.S.-based IT and business services consulting firm, has found the cloud to enable new and innovative solutions that are simply not possible without the flexibility offered by key cloud platforms.

Founded in 1998, Tribridge has become one of the nation’s foremost commanding companies for IT services and business consulting. The company has earned its prominence in the technology industry by changing the way businesses assess their needs, incorporating cloud-based services and bringing together human and technological solutions. This approach has led to some unique and innovative answers to some of the most challenging questions businesses face.

“We’ve developed a solution that combines Microsoft’s Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online and Windows Azure, to bring a unique solution to sourcing talent,” Managing Director of Cloud Services Greg Pierce said. “The cloud allows the flexibility required to make a solution like this possible.”

Tribridge HR Connect allows businesses to source, qualify and on-board new talent using an intuitive interface, all of which resides on the cloud. In a highly competitive hiring environment, the ability for a business to have connectivity between stakeholders, management and the Human Resources department throughout the process is a clear benefit.

Tony DiBenedetto, Chairman and CEO,
“We have a lot of customers who say, ‘Office 365 can do a lot, but how do I make that work for my business?’ HR Connect is just one example of not only the functionality of Office 365, but of how the flexibility of the cloud allows it to be extended in a very meaningful way,” said Pierce.

HR Connect is one tool that enables a business to remain focused on its core purpose, while still doing the necessary support items that keep that business going. And, while HR Connect demonstrates the flexibility of Microsoft’s cloud-based solutions, it is by no means the only way companies are finding value with the new approach to information technology. Tribridge has leveraged the key concept of the cloud into a founding principle of its business.

“People would rather have functionality,” he said. “Most businesses start off with lower level software and work their way up. Our company is committed to starting the client off with the solution they need. Functionality is key.”

That philosophy has worked. In fact, Tribridge has grown to reach $65 million in revenue as of 2009, with approximately 300 employees providing 2,500 customers nationally with IT services and business consulting.

Tribridge provides a one-stop-shop resource, which alleviates potentially sluggish resolutions for its clientele. And, Microsoft’s Office productivity suite is the software of choice for a majority of its customers. The product is provided as a staple service from Microsoft under the company’s Office 365 brand. Businesses are finding the dollars and cents of moving to the cloud to have multiple and substantial benefits.

Greg Pierce, Managing Director —
Cloud Computing, Tribridge
“Implementing cloud services saves money,” Pierce said. “There has been a misconception about Cloud services versus security concerns. Tribridge takes the time to educate our clients not only on elements of their technology needs, ROI, initial cost and market relevance, but we stand to ensure our clients know how the different solutions operate. Security concerns with cloud are eliminated almost immediately when clients realize cloud services has world-class security. It is through our edification of Cloud that we have seen a culture change happen with our clients.”

For Florida-based Lighting Science, the leading manufacturer of LED lighting for commercial and residential use, these cloud-based solutions offer an ever-increasing appeal. Officials there came to the table with high expectations from Tribridge.

“With a data migration, you always worry about something going wrong that stops you in the middle,” said Lighting Science CIO Shane Hartman. “With Tribridge, we were able to move 200 users to their platform on time and on budget with no issues. You can’t beat the value of working with them.”

Lighting Science had already been engaged with Tribridge in the implementation of its Enterprise Resource Planning software — Dynamics AX, another Microsoft business solution. That relationship showed Lighting Science that Tribridge had access to Microsoft’s infrastructure and brought an expertise as a Microsoft Partner that could be applied beyond the ERP needs addressed by Dynamics AX.

“With Lighting Science, they had limited IT staff,” Tribridge’s Pierce said. “We pulled together the best of what Lighting Science needed and built a solution to test the integration. Because of the money we saved the client with this project, and the education we provided for future growth options using cloud services, Lighting Science is now evaluating their next move with this new technology.”

These types of services keep clients loyal and successful, and focused on their future. But, it does not end there. Tribridge has not limited its efforts to helping clients by simply tackling today’s business needs. The company has taken a leadership role in empowering those less fortunate with the tools for today, tomorrow and beyond by making substantial investments in the next generation.

Tribridge CEO and Chairman Tony DiBenedetto is one of the founders and the former executive director of the Tampa Bay Technology Forum (TBTF) Foundation, which encourages and equips “at risk” youth in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area to pursue careers in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

“Tribridge has experienced tremendous growth, but we are most proud of the business problems we solve for our customers and the lasting difference we can make in our local communities,” DiBenedetto said.