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Blue Lane Technologies, Inc. Customer Case Study
“We have been very satisfied with MS support related to MCPP. All groups have been proactive—whether it is account management or helping us whenever there have been any issues related to access of documentation.”
—Rohit Toshniwal, Research Manager

Blue Lane Technologies, Inc.
Customer Size: 65
Country or Region: USA
Industry: IT Securities

The Company

Blue Lane Technologies provides solutions that help optimize business operations and availability with their inline patch proxy for enterprise servers.

Blue Lane's solution directly reduces the costs and risks associated with the patching of servers and provides protection for servers that are hard-to-patch or cannot be patched. Blue Lane's PatchPoint System is an inline patch proxy for enterprise servers that checks for the same conditions and applies the same corrective action as the software vendor's security patch to fix application-specific vulnerabilities at the root cause.

The Blue Lane solution eliminates the need to hastily install patches on enterprise servers. Hundreds of servers located behind a Blue Lane appliance can be instantly patched with Blue Lane's inline patch, requiring no code or configuration changes to servers, thereby maximizing server stability and uptime.

“We are working on using the interoperability lab facility which has been opened to MCPP licensees. There has been tremendous support from the Technical Account Management (TAM) team and Program Managers in the early preparatory stage and we are looking forward to the lab interoperability testing.”
—Rohit Toshniwal, Research Manager

Software Products or Appliance?

Server virtualization delivers operational benefits but also introduces some new security challenges. Blue Lane VirtualShield is a software based-vulnerability shield that provides instant protection for virtual servers on the VMware® Infrastructure 3 platform.

Blue Lane’s Solution

Addressing the challenges of virtual server security, VirtualShield protects servers inside the hypervisor, including unpatched, out-of-date, temporarily offline, and even unsupported legacy systems. According to the company, in the most common use cases, customers are delaying patches for several months, choosing to install them once per quarter. In extreme cases, where customers rely on legacy software, patching may no longer be an option and the shield is used as a permanent patch replacement.

Microsoft Protocol Programs Implementation Details

Blue Lane uses protocol specifications (RFCs/drafts) and public information available about the protocols in addition to the Microsoft Communication Protocol Program (MCPP) documentation provided to licensees.


Blue Lane uses MCPP documentation where applicable to get the protocol information needed to implement the vulnerability shield which protects its customers. It has helped us to provide security protection to our customers who deploy Microsoft Software.

MCPP is an important link in Blue Lane’s vulnerability shield to provide customers with protection against network attacks with zero-false positives, zero footprint and zero downtime, and this definitely has helped Blue Lane in increasing sales significantly.

Value to Business

Blue Lane provides protection to its customers by replicating the way the actual server handles the network traffic. This requires them to have a complete and accurate understanding of the network protocol and MCPP provides them with the documentation to achieve that.

Level of Satisfaction with Microsoft Open Protocols Support Team

Blue Lane has been very satisfied with Microsoft support related to MCPP. The timely response and tremendous support of the Protocol Management Team has helped in saving crucial development time. The Blue Lane team has seen a significant improvement in documentation access—such as the implementation of an online portal for all documentation and ongoing updates—making new PDF files easier and faster to use.