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ChosenSecurity Customer Case Study
“The Microsoft Protocol Programs team is wonderful to work with.”
—Dean Coclin, VP of Business Development

Number of Employees: 65
Country or Region: USA
Industry: Information Security

The Company

ChosenSecurity delivers breakthrough economics and implementation speed to the Enterprise, and can typically be implemented in just a few weeks. Unlike many traditional PKI implementations, ChosenSecurity’s solution can be deployed across multiple clients in a Web-based Security as a Service model, enabling enterprises to achieve PKI security in a few weeks with few capital costs, hardware, software or network changes.

With more than 3,500 customers across the globe, ChosenSecurity is a true leader of certification service providers at the forefront of identity management.

“The Microsoft Protocol Programs team is wonderful to work with. They were able to provide us with the necessary documentation to implement the auto-enrollment protocol and put us in touch with the right technical resources when we had questions.”
—Dean Coclin, VP of Business Development

Service Description

TC Enterprise ID from ChosenSecurity is one of the leading Managed Service solutions for digital certificates. TC Enterprise ID enables companies to give their employees secure access to networks and applications, as well as use digital signatures and secure e-mail. The Business Problem Today, companies are faced with three major challenges when implementing a PKI solution:

  • The entire PKI rollout should be implemented quickly, smoothly and easily.

  • The PKI solution has to integrate seamlessly into Windows and non-Windows system environments.

  • Constantly rising security demands have to be considered and fulfilled.

ChosenSecurity’s Solution

With TC Enterprise ID AutoEnrollment these challenges can be satisfied at once: The solution enables a fast and easy PKI rollout based on the Microsoft protocol and supports relevant Microsoft applications. Furthermore, the solution offers the full functional range of TC Enterprise ID and thus the portfolio of a professionally-managed certificate authority. A further advantage is the SmartCard logon that can be used to replace the weak and inconvenient password-based logon mechanism by two-factor authentication.

Application Based on OS

Windows® XP, Windows Server® 2003

Microsoft Protocol Programs Implementation Details

The Microsoft auto-enrollment protocol allows Windows XP client users to automatically enroll for digital certificates. Until the protocol license became available, this functionality was unique to the Windows Certificate Authority, a product which needed to be configured and installed by the Enterprise.

By licensing the Networking protocols through MCPP, ChosenSecurity was able to implement this feature as part of their On-Demand PKI solution. Now, Enterprises can take advantage of auto-enrollment and an outsourced Certificate Authority.


ChosenSecurity has received increased interest from prospects that either currently use the Windows PKI or are planning to implement the Windows PKI but would prefer to outsource this function. A major hurdle in the past was that many of these companies wanted the convenience of the auto-enrollment feature. Now that ChosenSecurity has the protocol implemented, auto-enrollment is no longer an obstacle.

Value to Business

The target market for ChosenSecurity’s solution now includes those organizations that were using auto-enrollment and could now benefit from an outsourced solution.

Level of Satisfaction with Microsoft Open Protocols Support Team

“Working with Microsoft was very easy. The protocol was well documented and required little, if any, further explanation. When ChosenSecurity did have a question, it was easy to find someone that had the requisite knowledge and to get all questions answered completely.”
—Dean Coclin, Vice President of Business Development