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Network Monitor Tool and Parsers

The Network Monitor tool and parsers enable developers to view and monitor in real time specific protocol communications between two products. Developers may use this tool and parsers in conjunction with the relevant Open Specifications to enhance their understanding of how individual Microsoft products communicate with each other using a particular protocol and how their own implementations communicate with a Microsoft product using that same protocol.

To download the tool and the most recent parsers visit the Microsoft Open Specifications Developer Center. The following parsers are available:

  • Parsers for Windows (including .NET Framework) and SQL Server

  • Parsers for Office and SharePoint products and technologies

  • Parsers for Microsoft Lync Server (previously Office Communications Server)

  • The RPx tool provides parser functionality for the MAPI protocol used by Exchange Server to communicate with Outlook and vice versa.  If you are interested in obtaining this tool, please contact the Interoperability Test Team.

Please visit the Network Monitor Forum to ask questions about using Network Monitor, NMCap, the Network Monitor API and the Protocol Parsers and NPL language.

For all other information concerning Network Monitor, such as downloads, related network troubleshooting blogs, FAQs, and training videos, please visit the Network Monitor Blog.