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Plugfests and Events

Microsoft Protocol Plugfests

Microsoft-hosted protocol plugfests provide software developers with the opportunity to learn more about the Microsoft protocols and to test their implementations of the Microsoft Open Specifications. Hosted on the Microsoft Redmond campus, each plugfest focuses on a specific task or technology area. Presentations are conducted by Microsoft engineers, who are also available for one-on-one and group discussions and to provide necessary assistance with configuration and running of the interoperability tests.  Testing includes the use of protocol test suites that help evaluate whether an implementation’s protocol communications conform to the relevant Microsoft Open Specifications.

Attendees at a Microsoft protocol plugfest can expect the following:

  • Technology presentations regarding Open Specifications for Microsoft Protocols

  • Group presentations from members of the Microsoft product teams

  • Interoperability testing on the relevant Microsoft products

  • Access to Microsoft protocol test suites or other tools for interoperability testing of Partner Server implementations

  • Opportunities to field questions and obtain answers directly from Microsoft

  • 1:1 sessions with product development team members

  • Assistance from technical support personnel

Plugfests are open to any company or individual interested in attending. Space is limited and priority will be given to companies who hold licenses through one of the Microsoft Open Specifications programs.  A registration fee may be charged for certain events.

Presentations from past plugfests and events are available for viewing on-line here.  If you are interested in attending a plugfest or event focused on a specific task or technology area that is not currently scheduled, please contact the Interoperability Test Team.

File Format Events

Microsoft-hosted file format events provide software developers with the opportunity to test their implementations of the Office file formats.  Similar testing opportunities for implementations of the Open XML and Open Document Format (ODF) are available through the Document Interoperability Initiative.