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Document Interoperability Initiative

Industry Collaboration to Create Solutions

While significant progress has been made in document interoperability with the adoption of multiple open standards and supporting translation tools, there is still much work to be done. To solve the industry's pressing interoperability problems, leaders must collaborate to identify and overcome interoperability barriers. The Document Interoperability Initiative is a global program of technical vendor discussions, labs, and solution enablement programs to develop solutions for effective data exchange between product implementations of document format standards. This initiative is open to any vendor who wants to collaborate with the community to create these solutions identify and address interoperability issues between different implementations of document formats. They are encouraged to propose meetings, raise issues, and help set the agenda for the effort. Users of information technologies are also encouraged to participate to help prioritize and focus the efforts of vendors. The Document Interoperability Initiative is community based and open to all participants wanting to promote document format interoperability for the benefit of the user community.

The Document Interoperability Initiative Goals Include:

  • Test interoperability between product implementations of document format standards in some common scenarios including enterprise server (back office, unstructured data, schema across supply chains) and data authoring, presentation, and exchange across a range of devices

  • Identify systematic gaps that can be addressed via industry collaboration

  • Identify issues with specific implementations or between implementations

  • Discuss how we as a community can work together improve the overall quality of format implementations and improve interoperability

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