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2008 Events

Microsoft works with software developers from a variety of companies and organizations to test their implementations of the Microsoft Open Specifications at group events. Below are details of the Microsoft events held in 2008. To learn more about the sessions and topics covered during these events, visit Developer Training.

NameDate# of attendeesTechnical TopicsRelated Materials
DII Workshop on Translators – Brussels, BelgiumDecember 2, 200811ODF/OXML/Legacy translators, Open XML/ODF implementation and related topicsWrite-upDownloads
DII Workshop – Redmond, WAOctober 23-24, 200813Document format test library, validation tools, Open XML interoperability and related topics Write-upDownloads
DII Workshop by wipse (Windows + Services Consortium) – Tokyo, JapanJuly 30, 2008-Open XML standard interoperability verification lab on multiple-companies productsWrite-up
DII Workshop on ODF 1.1 – Redmond, WAJuly 30, 200813ODF and Office 2007 SP2 interoperability and related topicsWrite-up
DII Workshop on Accessibility – Munich, GermanyJune 10, 2008-Open XML and DAISY interoperability, high fidelity roaming scenarios, OXML SDK, and related topicsVideoWrite-up
DII Workshop on Open XML / UOF – Beijing, ChinaMarch 29, 2008100Open XML and UOF interoperability and related topicsWrite-up
DII Workshop on Translation Tools – Seoul, KoreaMarch 12, 2008-Open XML, DAISY and ODF translation tool showcase , Open XML PowerShell tools available at http://www.codeplex.com/PowerToolsVideoWrite-up
DII Workshop at the Microsoft and Novell Interoperability Lab – Cambridge, MAMarch 5, 2008-Document Interoperability technical lab testing scenarios and tool developmentWrite-upBlog