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2009 Events

Microsoft works with software developers from a variety of companies and organizations to test their implementations of the Microsoft Open Specifications at group events. Below are details of the Microsoft events held in 2009. To learn more about the sessions and topics covered during these events, visit Developer Training.

NameDate# of attendeesTechnical TopicsRelated Materials
DII Workshop – Brussels, BelgiumNovember 12, 200912Document validation, ODF interoperability, tool showcases, and use of Markup Compatibility and Extensibility (MCE) in Office 2010ImagesWrite-upDownloads
DII Workshop on MCE – Redmond, WASeptember 18, 200910Markup Compatibility and Extensibility (MCE) and extension lists in Word 2010, Excel 2010, and PowerPoint 2010, and related topicsWrite-upDownloads
Microsoft SNIA File Sharing 2009 PlugfestSeptember 14-17, 200915SMB and SMB2 protocol specifications
DII Workshop on Public Sector Interoperability – Berlin, GermanyJune 30, 2009-Document interoperability and related topics  2nd annual eventImagesWrite-up
Microsoft File Sharing Protocols 2009 PlugfestJune 1-4, 200919SMB and SMB2 and other file sharing protocol specificationsImages
DII Workshop on Open XML / UOF Translator – Beijing, ChinaMay 25, 200950Open XML/UOF translator project work led by Beihang University (http://uof-translator.sourceforge.net/) and related topicsImagesWrite-up
DII Workshop on the Fraunhofer FOKUS Validator – London, UKMay 18, 200915Fraunhofer FOKUS IS29500 Validator and Document Library project and related topicsWrite-upDownloads
Microsoft Certificate Protocols 2009 PlugfestMarch 30 – April 2, 20096Certificate protocol specificationsWrite-up
Microsoft Active Directory Protocols 2009 PlugfestJanuary 26-30, 20098Active Directory protocol specificationsImagesWrite-up