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Past Events

Microsoft works with software developers from a variety of companies and organizations to test their implementations of the Microsoft Open Specifications at group events. Below are details of the most recent Microsoft events. To learn more about the sessions and topics covered during these events, visit Developer Training.

# of attendees
Technical Topics
Related Materials
SNIA Storage Developers conference and Plugfest 2013 - Santa Clara, CA September 16-19, 2013 120SMB, SMB2 and SMB3 file sharing protocols. Write-up
Redmond Interoperability Protocols Plugfest - Redmond, WAJune 24-28, 201380Exchange RPC and Web Services and Office SharePoint Specifications. Windows Identity; Active Directory, File Sharing and Authentication Specifications. SQL and OData ProtocolsWrite-up
Taipei Interoperability Protocols Plugfest - Taipei, TaiwanApril 23-25, 2013110Windows RDP, Exchange and SharePoint Protocols Write-up
Brussels Interoperability Protocols Plugfest - Brussels, BelgiumNovember 13-14, 2012 12Windows Identity, SharePoint, Exchange and SQL Protocols.
SNIA Storage Developers conference and Plugfest 2012 - Santa Clara, CASeptember 17-20, 2012110SMB, SMB2 and SMB3 file sharing protocols.Write-up
OSCON.com 2012
July 2012
Windows File Sharing Protocols Plugfest
June 18-22, 2012
Interop.com 2012 - Las Vegas, NV
May 2012
SambaXP.org 2012 - Göttingen, Germany
May 2012
Taipei Communication Protocols Plugfest - Taipei, Taiwan
May 2-4, 2012
Windows RDP, Exchange and SharPoint Protocols
Windows Identity and Exchange Protocols Plugfest - Redmond, WA
April 16-20, 2012
Exchange RPC and Web Services Specifications. Windows Identity; Active Directory
and Authentication Specifications.
RemoteFX Conference - Redmond, WA
April 10-11, 2012
OData Interop Meetup - Redmond, WA
March 19-20, 2012
The Evolution of OData, OData v3, Partner Presentations, Implementing OData, and
Open Discussion Session

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