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Interoperability Principles

In connection with the Interoperability Principles, announced February 21, 2008, Microsoft also makes available additional technical specifications for protocols in its high-volume products: Windows Vista (including .NET Framework), Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and future versions of each of these products. These specifications are published and available on MSDN at no charge (rights under Microsoft patents covering such specifications are available separately).

Patent Licensing Agreements

Some of the technical specifications for protocols are covered by the Open Specification Promise or the Community Promise, under which patent rights are available at no charge. Licenses for patents that cover the remaining technical specifications are also available at low royalty rates and in a non-discriminatory fashion. The most popular of such licenses is our Exchange Server Protocol Patent License. To obtain the current version of that license, or for questions about other patent licenses under the Interoperability Principles, email the Microsoft Open Specifications Team. Microsoft is committed to working constructively and in a spirit of good faith to craft appropriate royalties and customized licenses to address the needs of a particular licensee.

Patent Maps

To assist in determining whether such a license may be beneficial, Microsoft provides lists of protocols documented pursuant to the Interoperability Principles that are covered by one or more Microsoft patents or patent application.

For more information, visit Patents.

Patent Pledges

Microsoft has made patent pledges with respect to implementation of Interoperability Principles technical specifications by certain open source developers. For more information, visit Interoperability Principles Patent Pledges.