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To assist in determining whether a patent license may be beneficial, Microsoft identifies Microsoft U.S. patents and patent applications that may cover the Open Specifications. Microsoft also identifies Microsoft EU patents and patent applications that may cover technical documents included in the Workgroup Server Protocol Program. Other international counterparts and as well as family members (continuations, continuations-in-part, divisionals, reissues, re-examinations, etc., if any) of any of the listed patents and patent applications and counterparts are also disclosed even where not separately identified. For information regarding Microsoft patents and patent applications from other countries that may cover the Open Specifications, please contact the IP Licensing Team. Additionally, in some instances, specific patent and patent application numbers are only available upon request. To request such information, please contact the IP Licensing Team. The contents of the list below are updated periodically to reflect changes to the technical documents and to Microsoft's patent portfolio.

Select a technical document from the list below to identify patents and patent applications that may cover it and the licensing programs through which those patents and patent applications are available. Or select a licensing program to identify the technical specifications and relevant patents and patent applications that are included. Some patent rights are available at no charge under the Open Specification Promise (OSP) or the Community Promise (CP). Rights to implement the remaining patents are available through the Microsoft Interoperability Program (MIP), Workgroup Server Protocol Program (WSPP), and the Interoperability Principles Program (Interop).  The Microsoft Communications Protocol Program (MCPP – Legacy) has been superseded by other programs and is no longer available.  It continues to be listed here for the benefit of legacy licensees.