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Workgroup Server Protocol Program

The Microsoft Workgroup Server Protocol Program (WSPP) facilitates the use and implementation of technical specifications for protocols that are implemented in Microsoft Windows Server operating system software (specifically, Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows 2000 Server Standard Edition, Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition, and successors) and are used to deliver file and print services and user and group administration services to Windows work group networks (specifically, Windows 98 and successors). The WSPP technical specifications are listed and available here.

Patent License Agreement

The patents that cover the WSPP technical specifications are available via the WSPP License Agreement (PDF file). The patents available under this program are composed of those patents that cover protocols that perform certain file, print, and user and group administration server tasks and scenarios. Pricing for each of the tasks or scenarios is provided in Tables A1 and A2 of the WSPP Patent Agreement.

The WSPP License Agreement also includes the following benefits at no additional charge:

  • Optional Technical Account Manager (TAM) to help resolve documentation questions;

  • Optional viewing rights to Windows source code to assist with implementing the protocols; and

  • Access to Plugfests and Interoperability Labs.

Licensing Flexibility

Microsoft is committed to working constructively and in a spirit of good faith to craft appropriate royalties and customized licenses that may depart from programmatic offerings to address the needs of a particular licensee.


If you have questions about the WSPP patent license, please email the IP Licensing Team.

Patent Maps

To assist in determining whether a patent license may be beneficial, Microsoft identifies patents and patent applications that read on the protocols.

For more information, visit Patents.

Patent Pledges

Microsoft has made patent pledges with respect to:

  • Patent rights that have not been disclosed on the patent map discussed above

  • Implementation of the WSPP protocols by certain open source developers

For more information, visit WSPP Patent Pledges.

Warranty Agreement

Microsoft has also made available a warranty under the WSPP Warranty Agreement. Under this agreement, Microsoft warrants the technical specifications that fall within WSPP.

Background Information

Microsoft designed WSPP to meet the obligation to make protocol technology available to relevant parties and to allow the use of Microsoft technology in the manner required in the European Commission Decision issued on March 24, 2004, relating to a proceeding under Article 82 of the EC Treaty (Case COMP/C-3/37.792-Microsoft).