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Welcome to Pathways

Microsoft Pathways aims to assist Prodiance Customer and Partners during the transition to Microsoft Office and SharePoint. Pathways is your source for information regarding Microsoft's acquisition of Prodiance. You can still submit non-technical questions about the acquisition through Pathways.

Learn about Microsoft's Acquisition of Prodiance

Try the Microsoft Office 2013 preview, including the new spreadsheet control features based on the acquired Prodiance technologies. Review our updated integration FAQs for more detailed information.

June 6, 2011

Microsoft is acquiring Prodiance, a leading Enterprise Risk Management vendor, with the goal to bring more compliance functionality within Microsoft Office. Microsoft plans to integrate its technologies into a future version of Office and SharePoint. Roadmap and licensing will be announced later.

3 Benefits of the Acquisition for Prodiance Customers

Microsoft is committed to delivering more value within Office and plans to integrate the technologies into future versions of Office. Customers will benefit from:

  • Increased efficiency through automated risk assessment

  • Provide policies enforcements, and continuous monitoring and control of end-user documents

  • Increased security of critical business information

Prodiance Technical Support

As a part of the integration of Prodiance with Microsoft, we aligned Prodiance Support with Microsoft Technical Support. On September 30, 2011 we transitioned the Prodiance legacy support systems and tools for Prodiance products to Microsoft support systems and tools. Leveraging Microsoft's systems, tools, and processes enables us to provide you with the highest level of support as we move forward. Customers with a valid and active Prodiance Maintenance and Support agreement were provided instructions on how to transition to the MS Support model. Microsoft is honoring Prodiance legacy support agreements through their expiration. If you have a valid Prodiance legacy support agreement and did not receive instructions on how to transition to our Microsoft support model, please contact us at following email address In case your Prodiance legacy support contract expired, please contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support at (800) 936-4900 for purchasing the right Microsoft support agreement that fits your needs.