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Office Integration FAQs

The acquisition of Prodiance Corporation by Microsoft Corporation was completed on June 6, 2011. Since the merger, we have been hard at work integrating Prodiance functionality into the next version of Microsoft Office. Here is a white paper that outlines the benefits of this new Office functionality.

What functionality will the integrated products offer?
  • Microsoft Office Spreadsheet Inquire is a powerful and easy-to-use application to automate diagnostics, error checking and optimization for mission critical spreadsheets. Spreadsheet Inquire delivers in-depth diagnostic reports on all critical spreadsheets to help organizations evaluate their complexity and find common errors for remediation efforts.

  • Microsoft Office Spreadsheet Compare is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, graphical application for comparing changes between two spreadsheets. Spreadsheet Compare provides side-by-side spreadsheet comparison capabilities to streamline review and approval processes while improving accuracy and productivity. Microsoft Database Compare generates a report detailing structural differences between two Access databases.

  • Microsoft Office Audit and Control Management Server automates internal controls over mission critical spreadsheets and Access databases through pervasive monitoring and reporting of changes. Audit and Control Management Server automates key controls including: cell level auditing, version control, change control, security, data integrity, and reporting.

  • Microsoft Office Discovery and Risk Assessment Server for spreadsheets and Access databases automates the ongoing discovery, inventory and risk assessment for mission critical spreadsheets, Access databases and other user-developed applications while promoting auditability and better control.

What improvements will the integrated product inlcude?
  • Improved security

  • Localized versions of Spreadsheet Inquire

  • Office 2013 compatibility

  • Improved quality

  • Simpler and easier to use web interface

Note: File format versions of Spreadsheet and Access database files from Office 2003 to Office 2013 are supported by the tools; however, the tools are only available with Office 2013.

How will the integrated products be packaged and distributed?

The following modules are installed as part of Office 365 ProPlus and Office Professional Plus 2013 offers:

  • Spreadsheet Compare

  • Access Database Compare

  • Spreadsheet Inquire

The following server products are installed individually and will be available now through the Volume Licensing Center for customers with existing Volume Licensing agreements:

  • Discovery and Risk Assessment Server

  • Audit and Control Management Server

What is the pricing for the integrated products?

Office 2013 spreadsheet controls functionality is available at:

For pricing information about Discovery and Risk Assessment Server and the Audit and Control Management Server, please contact your SharePoint account representative.

Can customers buy Prodiance products today?

We highly recommend customers moving to the new offers from Microsoft rather than building on legacy deployments. Please write us with specific questions about your existing deployments.

For customers who are not currently Prodiance customers, pricing, licensing and availability of the Prodiance technology as part of Office and SharePoint is the way to acquire the former Prodiance technologies.

I am an existing Prodiance customer. What does this mean to me with our current implementation of Prodiance technologies?

You may continue using the Prodiance technologies, and you may purchase support for your current implementation of Prodiance technologies from Microsoft Support. Support for the different versions of Prodiance software will be available until the end of mainstream support for the given version as indicated in the table below. After the mainstream support end date, Microsoft will no longer offer support for the Prodiance software. We encourage all Prodiance customers to take advantage of the new spreadsheet management features that have been released with the new Office (

Products ReleasedGeneral Availability DateMainstream Support End DateExtended Support End DateService Pack Support End DateNotes
Prodiance ESM v5.2Support has endedSupport has endedSupport has endedSupport has endedSupport has ended
Prodiance ERM v5.324-Oct-200831-May-2013No extended supportNot applicable 
Prodiance ERM v5.409-Aug-201031-May-2013No extended supportNot applicable 
Prodiance ERM v5.5.027-Apr-2011Not supportedNo extended supportNot applicableVersion 5.5.0 is not supported
Prodiance ERM v5.5.131-May-201101-Dec-2014No extended supportNot applicableMicrosoft will not accept requests for design changes, or new features for the Prodiance software.
What happens to Prodiance’ customers support agreements?

Prodiance customers’ support experience has been migrated to standard Microsoft terms and processes.

Acquisition FAQs

What has been announced regarding Prodiance?

Microsoft acquired Prodiance, a leading provider of Enterprise Risk Management software, on June 6, 2011. Financial terms won’t be disclosed. Prodiance became a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft.

What capabilities does Prodiance provide?

Prodiance provides Enterprise Risk Management solutions that help organizations implement Excel spreadsheet control and compliance, as well as automation of risk assessment. Prodiance solutions help organizations mitigate risk, improve compliance and drive process improvement.

Why has Microsoft acquired Prodiance?

Prodiance was a market leader in Enterprise Risk Management and had been a valued Microsoft partner for many years, with a strong R&D organization, mutual customers.

How is the acquisition good for customers?

Microsoft is committed to delivering more value within Office and plans to integrate the technologies into future versions of Office. Customers will benefit from:

  • Increased efficiency through automated risk assessment

  • Provisioning of policies enforcements, and continuous monitoring and control of end-user documents

  • Increased security of critical business information