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We are pleased to announce that Microsoft Corporation has purchased most of the technology assets of Teamprise, a division of SourceGear.  This purchase represents Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to interoperability and our dedication to enabling customers to achieve greater business results, regardless of their current platform and tooling.  Microsoft intends to incorporate key Teamprise technologies into the Visual Studio family of products

Teamprise Customers with license rights for Teamprise products v3.x will receive a free upgrade offer to the Microsoft offering of the Teamprise-based technologies.  Please visit the FAQ document online here for details about that offer.

Current Teamprise customers will continue to receive support for their Teamprise products from SourceGear; please consult with SourceGear as to the terms for their support.  SourceGear is also making available additional seats of its Teamprise-branded product until our release, and any such additional seats will also be eligible for the upgrade to Microsoft’s product.

Microsoft is committed to the future of the Teamprise-based technology and will be incorporating these tools into the Visual Studio 2010 product family, with Microsoft’s release of the Teamprise-based technologies available around the same time as the Visual Studio 2010 launch.

We value the relationship that you had with SourceGear, and we want to minimze the impact that this technology transition might have.  We also respect your privacy.  We are sending this informational message to tell you about this purchase of Teamprise assets and how you can obtain the free upgrade.  However, if you do not wish to receive additional information about this offer or the roadmap from Microsoft, please write us at teamprsq@microsoft.com to request that we not contact you again regarding this transaction or the upgrade offer. 

We have created a website, called Microsoft Pathways (www.microsoft.com/pathways/teamprise), for you to access the most recent information on the integration of Teamprise technologies at Microsoft and get answers to “Frequently Asked Questions”.  The FAQ document addresses many of the business questions you may have, including details of the upgrade offer to the Microsoft release of these technologies, so please be sure to review this information.   

We are excited about the important role Teamprise technologies will play in the future of Microsoft’s developer tools and technologies and the opportunity to improve the capability, performance, and accessibility of these tools and technologies. Should you have any additional questions, please visit the Microsoft Pathways site to review the most recent information or to get in touch with us.  

Please forward this information to appropriate members of your team. 

Best Regards,

S. Somasegar, Senior Vice President, Developer Division, Microsoft Corporation