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April 2004
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET has recently garnered top awards at the's Readers' Choice Contest. The awards include Development Tool of the Year, Enterprise Development Tool of the Year, and .NET Tool/Add-in of the Year.

Visual Studio .NET beat IT players such as IBM WebSphere Studio, BEA WebLogic. and Borland C# Builder in the Development Tool of Year award.

According to editor Brad Jones, Visual Studio.NET 2003 was the clear winner in the Enterprise Development Tool of the Year category, beating out Eclipse, Sun Java Studio and IBM WebSphere. Interestingly, MSDN Universal was nominated as finalist in this category as well.

In what coined a "no-surprise" winner, also Visual Studio .NET took home the .NET Tool/Add-in of the Year award. Borland C# Builder was acknowledged as the top non-Microsoft .NET tool/add-in. InstallShield, Crystal Decisions, ActiveState and Dundas were recognized as finalists for their extraordinary .NET add-in products.

Microsoft customer and WS-I (although mislabeled as a standard) were also declared winners in the Web Service of the Year category. is a content channel of Jupitermedia, a leading provider of global real-time news, information, research, and media resources for information technology, Internet industry, and graphics professionals.'s Reader's Choice Award recognizes technologies and products that significantly influence the work done by developers and programmers.

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