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To help businesses streamline their internal business processes, Microsoft Philippines recently released the Employee Empowerment Solution Development Kit.

The kit contains software components for deploying workflow solutions on Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server, documentation such as white papers and guides, and instructional media and tutorials. It also contains templates for automating common business processes like expense reporting, training requests, customer contact management, and the like.

"The Employee Empowerment Solution Development Kit was designed to show companies how collaborative applications can help them to be more efficient. Exchange 2000 allows non-technical users to quickly and easily create and deploy simple workflow applications without the need to write any code. The workflow can then be extended and enhanced for more complex requirements as necessary," said Jojo Ayson, Microsoft product manager for .NET Enterprise Servers.
Collaborative applications facilitate information sharing between individuals or systems. Examples of collaborative applications include email, group calendaring, and instant messaging. Employee Empowerment Solutions automate everyday business processes such as application forms, HR forms, work orders, and customer service forms, with the use of workflow solutions on collaborative applications.

"Paper-driven business processes like expense reports, document reviews, and the like can now be fully automated through workflow applications, saving companies time and money, and generally making them more efficient. Exchange 2000 is a powerful and robust tool for the creation of such workflow applications. Developing on Exchange 200 is easy to learn - a workflow solution can be created in 30 minutes or less," Ayson said.

For updates or general information about the Employee Empowerment Solutions Development Kit, consumers can visit or contact Microsoft Philippines at +63 (2) 886-5658.
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