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The e-Science Corporation has developed a new application that allows a company's sales, marketing, and other field personnel to access company information and services through their mobile phones.

The application, dubbed ELMER (Elaborate Mobile Information Retriever), provides a customizable means for corporate users to access mobile phone numbers and other information stored in a database and automatically send out text messages using that data. It can also retrieve information as well as update the database through SMS.

"ELMER is a breakthrough; it's the most sophisticated SMS-based information exchange application in the world," beams e-Science President Ricky Dagelet. "ELMER releases employees from their desktops, enabling them access to relevant company information anytime, anywhere and allowing them to work more efficiently than before."

"We really had to be innovative because the Philippine market is very advanced when it comes to SMS services. The Philippine market demands more in SMS-based technologies than any other market in the world," explains Dagelet. The Philippines has been called the "SMS capital" of the world because of the high volume of SMS traffic that it generates and the reliance of Filipinos on SMS to communicate.

ELMER's SMS-enabled solution enables its many clients to tailor-fit specific uses for the system. Companies that use ELMER are Abacus, FedEx, Intel, Pioneer Allianz, Nokia, Compaq, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, and Shell, among others.
According to e-Science Marketing Manager Vanessa Siloterio, e-Science clients have already used ELMER for many innovative applications. She cited Solvay Pharmaceuticals for its inventive SMS survey and review of all of its medical representatives in the country. She also mentioned FedEx's text-based delivery notification service as another ingenious use of ELMER.

ELMER was developed using Microsoft's Visual Studio. "It's very easy to develop applications with Visual Studio. It's fast, easy, and affordable - you don't even need highly specialized skills to use it," said Dagelet. Windows 2000 server and SQL Server 2000 were used as well.

Microsoft's integration features were another factor that e-Science considered. Microsoft products integrate well with whatever platform or application a company uses, said Dagelet.

Dagelet also added that Microsoft provided the most cost-effective modules without sacrificing features and reliability.

ELMER is now being marketed in other countries in Asia and Europe and is now making headway in penetrating those markets.

Dagelet said that e-Science would continue to develop more innovative products to further take advantage of emerging technologies.
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