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Flexopak International Corporation (FIC), a flexible packaging company, has recently been certified MRP II Class A in operational planning and control processes by Mr. Marcelino C. Torres, a former Oliver Wight Asia/Pacific consultant.

MRP II Class A is a key industry indicator of an organization's ability to streamline its operations for greater productivity and profitability. Only a handful of companies have reached Class A status here in the Philippines.

FIC achieved the Class A Certification by implementing a MRP II (Manufacturing Resource Planning) environment, aided by a software solution called Enterprise Resource Information and Control System (ERIC).

"We at FIC are proud for achieving Class A status," said Annabelle Pascasio, Flexocorp Group IT Director. "This distinction shows that the proper application of technology can really make your company very efficient. It helps you attain better production planning and scheduling."

An MRP II environment is one that streamlines a company's manufacturing processes, including purchasing of raw materials, management of shop floor resources, demand management (sales and forecast), and delivery management.

ERIC, created by Jupiter Systems, Inc. (JSI), is the software that integrated all of FIC's business processes and helped make the Class A certification possible.

"We certainly couldn't have done it without the use of a computerized system such as ERIC," said Pascasio. "ERIC enabled us to obtain the full benefits of an MRP II environment."

After ERIC's implementation, improvements in business were readily apparent. According to Pascasio, with the availability of information using an integrated system they achieved greater inventory accuracy; improved purchasing by eliminating all possible over-stock; more accurate supply and demand forecasts; and better production scheduling and thus better customer delivery.

"Efficiency has really been improved. ERIC is really fit for small to medium-sized companies here in the Philippines," adds Lulu Bambalan, FIC Logistics Manager.

ERIC was built on Microsoft SQL Server 2000, and runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 server. In addition, FIC's workstations are on a mix of Windows 2000, XP, and 98.
According to Pascasio, the number one consideration in the choice of SQL Server 2000 was its low price. "SQL Server 2000 is very cost-effective and easy to manage. And because it's from Microsoft, it's easy to find technical people to help maintain it," said Pascasio.

Renmin Villanueva, Marketing Manager for JSI, said that SQL Server 2000 fit FIC requirements perfectly, in terms of complexity, database size, manageability, and stability.

The implementation of ERIC was completed well ahead of its time frame - it took only 2 months to finish what normally took 8 to 12 months to complete. According to Pascasio, ERIC was already localized to the manufacturing environment, making it easy to fit into FIC's system.

ERIC is so manageable that FIC needs only one IT person to handle and maintain both the hardware and the software of the entire FIC organization.

Looking to the future, FIC is planning to implement the web-enabled ERIC. "This will make our processes even more efficient, because a web-enabled ERIC will allow us to have the competitive advantage by making the information readily available in the entire supply chain," said Pascasio.

FIC is a flexible plastic packaging company and manufactures packaging materials for many consumer brands. FIC services a wide range of industries: personal products such as shampoo, soap, and cream; health care products; detergents; agricultural pesticides; and food, including candies, processed meat, preserved food, and instant food and drinks.

Jupiter Systems, Inc. (JSI) specializes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for manufacturing and distribution companies, and has over fifteen years of industry experience in software development, consulting and deployment.
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