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Collaborating and communicating with other offices around the world is essential to any multinational. Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains has met this particular demand for GE Philippines while meeting local business requirements. The system allows GE Philippines to work seamlessly with data from other countries, whether the information is generated through QAD or SAP. On-line users from GE offices world-wide are able to access the database in the Philippines without having to be on Great Plains.

The company first installed Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains in 2001 and more recently implemented the Financial and Supply Chain modules for 24 users in the corporate and GE Meters divisions. The company also considered using SAP solutions, which was used by most GE subsidiaries. However, test runs proved that Great Plains best suited their needs while being the most cost-effective.

"Over all, we found Microsoft Great Plains to be more economical than setting up on Oracle and SAP. And it is easier to work with than QAD," said Yuri Ladanga, Financial and Project Analyst of GE Philippines explained.

Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains offers integrated capabilities for financial management, distribution, manufacturing, project accounting, human resource management, field service management, and business analytics. GE Philippines' solution was provided by Global Implementation Services Inc., a Gold Certified Microsoft partner.

GE Phil. utilizes Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains for its accounting, reporting, purchasing, and billing processes. This involves managing roughly 600 transactions or 13,000 journal entries monthly over five databases. Great Plains Integration Manager has enabled the company to consolidate the databases of the corporate, GE Meters, and GE Lighting divisions. Reports are generated from these databases with Great Plains.

"At GE, we acquire a lot of businesses so that means you need a tried and true way of incorporating data from these businesses. With Great Plains, it's easy to create a database. It's a self-customizing software. We can implement in a month and get these businesses online quickly," Ladanga explained.

She noted that the features in Great Plains are best suited for customer service purposes. Great Plains aids sales personnel in monitoring sales and creating purchase orders, allowing them to focus more on improving customer service without worrying about administrative duties.

"We are more visible to customers. There is a faster turnaround time for queries. We don't let our clients wait for a day for us to find that bit of data they need to know. And this matters much to the company," Ladanga concluded.

General Electric began its century-long presence in the Philippines with the first row of electric street lamps installed in 1890. Today, GE Philippines helps meet the growing demands of the country's appliance, plastics, steel, medical, and power industries. The company's watt-hour meter manufacturing business, GE Phils. Meter and Instrument Company, Inc., leads in the country's meter market.

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