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Gourdo’s, a café and specialty retail store operator featuring high-end products for the home, has recently implemented Microsoft Business Solutions in their outlets. The company is now using Microsoft Business Solutions’ Retail Management System (RMS) to manage its sales, warehouse, merchandising, accounting, and store operations. This new system was provided and implemented by Global Implementations Services, Inc. (GIS), the only Gold Certified Partner for Microsoft Business Solutions in the Philippines.

“Microsoft RMS was one of the most painless migrations we have experienced, especially with GIS there to help us with the implementation. Our users readily adapted to the new program,” says Gourdo’s, Inc. Managing Director, Charlene Tieng.

Gourdo’s started with one retail store in 2001 and has expanded to 7 branches including new concepts stores such as Sleepcare which concentrates on bed furnishings and Living Well, a lifestyle store. All branches are located in high-end shopping centers including Glorietta, The Podium, Alabang Town Center and The Fort.

In its second year, the company invested heavily in Point of Sale (POS) software programs including an off-the-shelf solution from the US, QuickSell, and several locally developed software packages.

During this period of adjustment, cashiers complained of not being comfortable moving around the POS. Inventory management continued to be a headache with overflow quantity. Managing customer accounts, returns and backorders was tedious.

Gourdo’s regained interest in QuickSell when Microsoft purchased and upgraded it to Microsoft Business Solutions Retail Management System. The users in the company were already familiar with the program and knew that it would be an upgraded version that hopefully incorporated reporting features that were lacking before.
“Shifting to Microsoft RMS, the program was no problem,” narrates Berlin Sumaoang, MIS Manager. “However, requirements related to device, drivers and dial-up network caused some delays. Microsoft recommended an upgrade to Windows 2003 which we implemented and that seemed to have solved the device issues.”

“It has a unique text journal or transaction journal. We can scan the digital version of the tape in the system. Other solutions, they just provide the summary,” says Eric Sy, Accounting Head.

Now, the company is able to customize their reports. With a simple click, RMS will show check boxes that give users the option to show or hide specific fields in reports. Users can drag and drop columns to arrange data in the format they require.

With a wide range of inventory totaling over 13,000 stock-keeping units sourced from countries in Asia, Europe and the United States, Gourdo’s now manages its merchandise categories which includes bakeware, cookware, fine tableware, casual tableware and linen with the built-in features of RMS.

“We appreciate the snapshot reports which shows the latest movement of an item. This is important for a small store like our Glorietta branch where we have limited space and cannot fit all of our product offerings. We would like to maximize the profitability of the 25 square meters that we have by merchandising only bestselling items.”

Gourdo’s, Inc. purchased one Headquarters Module for head office and one Store Operations Module per retail outlet. The stores are connected to head office and monitored via the Headquarters module.

“The interface is nice. By 11am you can already see which items were sold, the sale, the cost and the profit. It’s great to be able to see actual, up-to-the-minute sales information on demand. We learn from it. It is a solution that will grow with us,” lauds Tieng.
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