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In the last decade, the Philippine social scene has seen the emergence of the new breed of individuals who have earned a certain celebrity status due mainly to their exposure as a result of their presence in so many worlds. They have been called "hyphenated people" because they are identified with a long list of designations and affixations that need a separator to accurately differentiate.

This is true not only for the Metro Manila social scene but in the equally-cosmopolitan city of Cebu. Maybelline Te, for example, is a 30-year-old Cebuana who is an entrepreneur-slash-furniture designer-slash-writer-slash philanthropist.

"I'm passionate about living life to the fullest. I try to do as much as I can in different avenues where I can express my creativity and love for the arts through enriching activities. And most importantly, being the best I can be," says Te.

This single lady manages her furniture and home accessory manufacturing business while writing for her daily column in the SunStar Daily and Zee Magazine, staying visible in the Cebu social scene and indulging in her many interests, including travel, going to the spa, exploring food, yoga, pilates, ayurveda, charity work, fashion, antiques, reading and listening to music, surfing the net and just recently, fishing.

"I have a multitasking existence which enables me to get more out of life. Windows XP Home and Small Business help me in my daily life because they make everything convenient and easy, even for the tech challenged like me."

Te believes that the world now is a virtual time zone, allowing one to do more and have a better quality of life. For her, technology spells a new economic, political and social landscape altogether, and has definitely upped the notches in making life very convenient.

"It has become a basic and intrinsic need in my system. Everything is an instamatic breeze from communicating with clients, colleagues and friends anytime and anywhere; researching on all kinds of information; online shopping and bookings; accounting; party planning and just about everything else. My frenetic lifestyle is definitely more organized and efficient," shares Te.

Te says she can probably survive without technology if she never got a taste of it and the rest of the world is in the same mode. "However, I can't really imagine a world without it now. Especially Microsoft - it's widely used and a language in itself that everyone is familiar with."

Windows technology also enables Jay Aldeguer, 35, to manage his multiple businesses and passions. Aldeguer etched his name as one of the most creative and innovative entrepreneurs in the retail and tourism industries. He is best identified with his brainchild, Islands Souvenirs, which has been such a success that Aldeguer became the youngest person to be awarded the prestigious The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) for Business Entrepreneurship.

Embodying the "hyphenated people" thinking, Aldeguer has dipped his hands in ventures in media and entertainment. He established Escape, currently the leading events company in Cebu, and also launched CeBu! TV Channel 28, a 24-hour regional cable channel featuring programs that showcase the Queen City and its people. Aside from these, Aldeguer also sits as a member of the Board of Directors of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce, the TOYM Foundation, The Cebu Tourism Core Group, and Cebu Youth Center. He is also commissioner of the Cebu City Sports Commission. He is also currently the Vice President to the Philippine Franchise Association and Philippine Retailers Association- Cebu Chapter.
According to Aldeguer, throughout his work as an accomplished entrepreneur, he has leaned on technology to help him manage his businesses better. "Technology has made life much easier for me. It gets me more organized and more efficient. I like that there are several options to customize today's technology according to my needs. It also helps that different companies are working together to make their respective products compatible with each other," he said.

"My Windows XP, Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office applications such as Excel have helped me organize my work and perform more efficiently. I am not a very technical person that's why I stick to simple and user-friendly applications that I find useful and reliable. What's nice about Microsoft is that it has continued to evolve and it understands the people's needs," Aldeguer relates.

Aldeguer thinks that the greatest thing about technology is that it has made the world smaller. "Continents and cultures are almost borderless. It is the realm of communication and information that have risen to phenomenal heights. The fact that you can SMS someone from across the globe was unimaginable just a decade ago. Also I find it very reassuring that because of the internet, our children have access to the exact same information as every other child around the world," he said.

The most important thing for Aldeguer, however, is maintaining a close relationship with his family and friends amidst his busy lifestyle. "The fact that I am able to communicate very easily through hotmail and stay in touch with friends and relatives on a regular basis is amazing. Constant communication nurtures relationships and that is important to me," Aldeguer ends.

Like Te and Aldeguer, 32-year old entrepreneur cum sportsman Glenn Anthony Soco finds value in technology. Soco is the president of Coffee Dream Inc., the Mandaue Integrated Manpower Inc., and GA Satellite Ventures Inc. He also operates Powerline Human Resources Management Inc., and is the president of the Cebu Volleyball Association.

Soco said that technology has really made the world smaller and has changed the way things are done. "Technology has a tremendous effect on me. It makes me do things faster, simpler and more effective. Technology has enabled me to achieve a lot of things and helped me realize the extent of my capacity as a person. I never would have done this much if it weren't for technology," he said.

Among the technologies which he finds useful are his Windows operating system, MSN, Internet Explorer and Outlook.

"I use Microsoft products because Microsoft has established itself as the leader of the IT industry. It's just like investing in a business. You wouldn't want to put your money somewhere unreliable. You have to choose something that has a good reputation and a reliable support group," said Soco.

According to Josine Bustalino, Microsoft Windows Product Manager, "It's great to see that more people are realizing the importance of integrating technology in their lives. We are now living in a fast-paced digital world. People need access to information and digital content right at their fingertips and Microsoft continues to provide them with innovative solutions that make life simpler, more convenient, and more productive."
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