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With Windows 8,
Janice Crisostomo-Villanueva

Shifts from "business mode" to "mommy mode" and back in just a flick

Janice Crisostomo-Villanueva is the celebrated founder of Mommy Mundo, a top online resource for moms and moms-to-be and the online home of her advocacy, which promotes “mompreneurship”. She boasts significant presence in print and other forms of media, and even beyond the world of media as well. With her husband, she runs the events agency Creative Juice; she also owns a clothing line called Mommy Matters, a pioneering nursing wear brand, with her cousin; and she’s involved in Mercato, the famous Manila food market.

Janice is an extremely busy person who wears a lot of hats and is constantly on the go. Little wonder, then, that her device of choice, the Lenovo ThinkPad Twist, runs Windows 8, the operating system that lets her shift from “work mode” to “mommy mode” seamlessly and rapidly.

When Janice discovered Windows 8 way back when, the feature that stood out the most was its tile interface: she found the tiles not only a treat to look at but also quite novel in how the setup compartmentalized functions and made things organized and easily accessible. A particular favorite was the People tile, which helped and continues to help her stay updated regarding all the people she cares about without even needing to fire up anything, thus saving her quite a bit of time.

Fast-forward to today and Janice says that Windows 8 has opened up a new range of capabilities not only for personal use but also for her businesses, thanks most especially to apps. Recommendations to fellow entrepreneurs include People, Skydrive, Photos and Skype; Lifenote, for meetings and important ideas; Top Priority for tasks and projects lists; MyExpenser to help keep tabs on expenses during business or sourcing trips; Brandify, which helps check brands’ online presence; the Meralco app for quick and easy calculation of monthly electricity consumption; and Weatherbug to keep track of the weather (a must for outdoor events). As a whole, using these apps in just one device has allowed her to reduce the number of gadgets she brings every day. Janice constantly looks forward to discovering new apps she can use to help boost her productivity.

However, as a mom – a role she can of course never completely relinquish, even in the midst of a busy working day – one of the things she finds most valuable about Windows 8 is that, through Internet Explorer 10, she can access safety features that can help her protect her children from websites that may cause them harm. She can even control how much time her children spend online and can also track and monitor the websites that they visit on a daily basis.

As testament to this hardworking mom’s love of Windows 8 and belief in its productivity-boosting capabilities, she will soon have finished upgrading all the PCs in her office to Windows 8 as well!